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number 387   date July 17, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  E-mail address for Les Hackett who
lives in Burlington ON, Retired Captain and a Pionair now

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. E-mail address for Margaret A. Cantwell
who lives in Victoria BC (see below)

Margaret Cantwell is the widow of employee Kenneth C.
Cantwell. who passed away in 1982 after just over 28 years
service with TCA/Air Canada. She now lives in Victoria, B.C.



From: "Ross Smyth" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> I would like some
airline retiree input for my second book as per the
following written in the third tense.

Pionair Ross Smyth of Montreal, author of “The Lindbergh of
Canada: The Erroll Boyd Story” in 1997 has nearly completed
a second book of his own aviation memoirs including his 1940-
1977 period with TCA/Air Canada as cargo clerk, radio
operator, transatlantic flight dispatcher (union president),
and public relations manager with links to presidents Gordon
McGregor and Yves Pratte, each having a chapter. One chapter
deals with the reorganization of the early 70s and its
adverse effect on employee morale.

Ross gave about a thousand public speeches himself and
involved 300 speakers giving 1000 talks annually in the
1960s, and organized speech workshops and communications
seminars throughout the system... He initiated the media
opinion roundup, became a Horizons columnist and
Infomanagement editor. He briefly headed up the archives
before recommending the late Beth Buchanan do it full time.

Smyth would like to add some retiree input, especially BRIEF
anecdotal material related to the foregoing. Did any readers
know him in the 1940s during the interesting adventures in
the early transatlantic region. Ross may be reached at
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.


From: "gisela Laubitz" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
I like to share a traumatic experience I recently had in
Austria with our readers.
I do not imagine that many of the Pioneers travel by car in
the EC where the borders have been eliminated. But
forewarned is forearmed.

Traveling on May 12 South on German Highway # E43 on my way
to Switzerland, Italy and France, in heavy traffic on a
rainy, dark day I entered Austria without realizing that I
had left Germany.

About two km from the alleged border line I was ordered off
the highway to a deserted warehouse where several cars with
various license plates were surrounded by half a dozen men
in uniforms directed by a plain clothes man. The
"detainees", men, women and children, were ordered in rapid
German to do various tasks. I could tell that many could not
understand what was happening.

I was ordered to hand over my passport, car papers and
driver's license. After comparing my car papers with my
license plate and serial number they were taken to an
unmarked van with communication equipment in it. When I
asked what was happening I was informed that I would find
out in due course.

After returning my papers one of the men asked me to open
the trunk and glove compartment, and after rummaging through
them wanted to know where I was coming from, where I was
going, for what reason and how much money I had on me.

Finally I was told that I was free to leave after paying AUS
1,000.00 (approx. CAD 130.00) for not having a valid sticker
for traveling on Austrian motorways. I had no Austrian money
so USD 90.00 was accepted and the fine increased to AUS

By then I had enough and took out a camera to document the
scene. It was knocked out of my hand and I was threatened
with confiscation of the equipment. When I objected I was
advised that if I did not like Austrian laws and procedures
I should go back where I came from and not bother to come
back. Also a lecture was delivered on North Americans
meddling in European affairs.

I returned to Canada on June 16 and immediately sent a
letter to the Austrian Tourist Office and its Diplomatic
Mission in Toronto. I described the experience and stated
that only in a Police State would one agency have all those
powers displayed by the men that stopped, interrogated and
intimidated me. To add insult to injury I received a
response from a tourist agency in Austria telling me that
the police action was fully justified, but that tourists are
welcome. Another response from the Austrian Embassy in
Ottawa casts doubts on the authenticity of my claims, full
of innuendoes and wandering why it took me over a month to

In conclusion, if you need to travel in Austria carry plenty
of Austrian money and an English-German dictionary.



As to why CF-TCC had fin number 25, why did the fin numbers
start at 20 with the Stearman, then the 10As were 21 through
25? That is the poser. Tom Martin

From: "William L Marr" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Lockheed 10A's and etc.
Duane - I have been following the chatter on CF-TTC / TCC.
with some interest. I flew left seat for 40 hrs. on 10A's
and a 12. My log book shows my check out and first pilot
flights on Sept 18th 1941 and my last flight on August 24th
1942 just prior to going overseas from Central Flying
School, Trenton. Jack Logan was there at that time and may
have flown a number of other 10A's.

If anyone is interested in all of this I would refer them to
Captain J.L.(Lindy) Rood's article "Introducing the Electra"
featured in the Canadian Aviation Historical Society
Journal, Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 1986, of which I have a
copy . It is the best history that I have read of these
aircraft. All Lindy says about the tail number 25 is
"......TCA Maple Leaf Logo was hand-painted on both sides of
the nose and the Lockheed logo, surmounted once again by
fleet number 25, was applied on both sides of both fins."
I'll ask why 25 next time I see him. Regards,Bill Marr



Subject: T2CK
Just a belated update on our T2CK (T2 Coffee Klatch) from
July 6th. We had a record turnout at the Golden Griddle. The
"main attraction" was Paula Vink who used to be our AC
Manager in Havana, Cuba. She was in Toronto visiting me at
the time. I sent word out to some of the "charter team"
agents who used to look after our flights to Cuba and they
were so glad to meet her and also to renew acquaintances.
The lucky winner of the $20 food voucher for Golden Griddle
was Mary Moore! (Olie and Mary joined us, too). Next month,
August 3rd, I'll be away on the Rotterdam VI, so Shirley
Goveia will be the hostess. September will be our First
Anniversary! See you there!Sheila

Vancouver Island Pionairs -
Courtenay and Comox monthly luncheon will be held
at the Kingfisher on Thursday July 29th at 11:30 for 12:00.
The August monthly meeting has been cancelled due to the
fact that the Vancouver Island Pionairs Up-Island luncheon
is being held on Wednesday August 25th in Nanaimo.

The Annual Picnic will be held at Mount Douglas Park on
Wednesday July 21st at 11:00. Why not join them for a fun
filled afternoon. Bring lunch and a drink. Cost is $2.00

The Annual Up Island luncheon will be held on Wednesday
August 25th in the Four Points Sheraton, Rutherford Road in
Nanaimo. Meet at 11:30 for lunch at 12:30. Cheques or cash
to be forwarded to John Jeffrey 1-10471 Resthaven Drive,
Sidney, BC, V8L 3H6. by Aug 13th.

The Fall luncheon is planned for Wednesday Oct 6th at
McMorrans in Victoria. Price $17:00. Cheques to John Jeffrey
by Sept 27th.

The Christmas Luncheon is planned for Tuesday December 7th
at Dunsmuir Lodge in Victoria. Start 11:30 for lunch 12:30.
Cost to be advised.

Visiting TCA/Air Canada retirees are most welcome to any of
these events.


Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 23:50:39 EDT
Subject: Re: NetLetter nr 372 - Between Yourselves
Since I retired from AC, in 1995, I moved to the USA and I
am very busy working in the Phoenix area. I thought that I
should let everyone know, just how much, I love to receive
the newsletter, "Between Yourselves". I get a lot of
enjoyment from all your efforts and I would like to say
THANKS. I have some colleagues who were former Western
Airline executives and they really enjoy the certain issues
that I forward to them. Again, Thanks Brian O'Hare, former
Stn Attendant YYZ

Airlines Say They're Ready for Y2K (two of two parts.)
follow up from 385 NetLetter.

The announcement of airline readiness was made by the
Aviation Millennium Project, a group organized in March 1998
by 102 U.S. and Canadian airlines to ensure airline, airport
and air traffic control readiness. The group estimates that
the airlines will spent more than $750 million solving the
problem; worldwide the figure is expected to be $2.3
billion. The U.S. and Canadian systems that have been
repaired and tested to date are wide-ranging, from
computerized reservations to crew scheduling and aircraft
operating systems. John Koskinen, chairman of the
President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, said at a news
conference Thursday he was pleased by the progress made by
U.S. and Canadian airlines. As for major U.S. airports,
Koskinen said they have ``addressed everything from baggage
handling to runway lights to gate assignments. The focus is
increasing on the smaller airports, who are addressing it.
Fortunately, they have more simplified and straightforward
systems that take less time to remediate.''
He also sought to play down concerns about the safety of
flying overseas. ``As a general matter, the issue in flying
internationally is not safety, it really is a question of
congestion and timing,'' he said. ``If airports have to
revert away from computerized air traffic systems, what it
will mean is that there will be increased spacing between
flights (and) some will have to be canceled.''
The Year 2000, or Y2K, problem is glitch that may cause
computers to malfunction on Jan. 1. Some computer software
was written to recognize years in a two-digit format, such
as ``99'' for 1999. There is uncertainty about what will
happen when the year changes to 2000, since some computers
may misconstrue the ``00'' for 1900 instead of 2000.


Mexicana de Aviacion, usually known as Mexicana, is to join
the Star Alliance in 2000, according to Lufthansa. Mexicana,
which serves destinations in Central, North and South
America, will be the tenth airline to join the alliance to
date. The carrier is to start soon on a plan to train its
employees on how to handle passengers from other airlines in
the alliance.

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SMILIE frm rapcan
From our "Situational Awareness" file...

A wife reports that her husband, an airline pilot, often has
difficulty locating items around the house. One day he asked
where the salt was. Annoyed, the wife responded, "How on
earth can you find Detroit at night in a blizzard, but you
can't find the salt in your own kitchen?" "Well, darling,"
he replied, "they don't move Detroit."

. That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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