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Number 390   Date July 27th, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995

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. Your Co-pilot is now back in the right hand seat, Vesta has finished flying
solo for a while!

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. Remember when?
The STOL experiment -
On June 19th, 1973, AirTransit was incorporated and owned as a
subsidiary of Air Canada to demonstrate how a high density inter-urban
shuttle should work.
Six Twin Otters DHC6, 11 seater aircraft, were delivered by de Havilland
over a period of 6 months. CF-CST and CF-CSV Jul 19, CF-CSU and CF-CSW on
Oct   11, CF-CSY Nov 3rd and CF-CSX on Nov 6th.
The route was between Montreal and Ottawa. In Ottawa the Rockcliffe Airport
was 15 minutes from the city centre and in Montreal a StolPort was
established in the EXPO 67 parking lot.
On July 14th, 1974, and for a fare of $20.00, the shuttle commenced
operations with 16 flights daily, eventually going to 30.
The experiment to prove STOL capability as a viable city centre to city
centre alternative was terminated in June 1976.
The only lasting memory was, probably, the singing of Dave, one of the 

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Another update from Alan MacLeod <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
courtesy of Wm. J. "Bill" Gillis, VE1WG
July 26, 1999
On July 19, 1999 Capt's Patry and MacLeod ferried CF-TCC from Halifax to
Fredericton with a short stop at Waterville, NS where retired MCA Capt.
Lloyd Gibson was on hand to meet and greet.
After arrival in Fredericton, Capt. Patry returned to Toronto.
Capt. Dodds joined Capt. MacLeod and five trips were flown at Fredericton
on July 20.
Maritime Regional supper hour and late night TV news programs featured
video taken onboard and interviews conducted at Halifax and Fredericton.
With visibility down to 1/8 in fog, flights planned at Saint John  for
July 21 and 22 unfortunately had to be cancelled.
At 14:00L, July 22,  CF-TCC was ferried to Collingwood, ON for a
successful "Fly-In" on July 23 & 24.
On July 24, three trips were flown in support of the "Flippers" swim team
charity foundation.
On July 25, Capt's Norberg and Dodds flew the aircraft to Red Lake, ON for
the annual Norseman aircraft Fly-In and then on to Winnipeg where it is
stored at the Maintenance Base until  August 9th.
It will then be flown to VICTORIA, BC for its next scheduled appearance on
AUGUST 13, 1999.

Further updates to follow.
Regards, Bill

Bill Fisher from Victoria sends this information -
The L10A is to arrive at the British Columbia Aviation Museum at
YYJ sometime during the afternoon of the 12 August and is not open for
The next day, Friday the 13th, it will fly four flights of about an hour
each. These flights have already been sold out. Mostly to local media.
The following two days the aircraft will be on static display at the British
Columbia Aviation Museum from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. Admission to the museum
is by donation only for these two days.
Don't know at this time when the aircraft will depart YYJ or who the pilots
are, I believe Capt MacLeod is bringing the aircraft in.
Regards Bill  "Bill Fisher" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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. Found on the internet.
Marketing promotion -
A Caledonian A320 Airbus G-CVYG sports a bright 'Batman' motif across
its entire tail as a result of a recent marketing promotion.

New start-ups -
African Star Airways operating B747-300 Johannesburg/Munich/Stanstead UK.
Air Alps Aviation with Do328 Salzburg/Innsbruck/Amsterdam.
ClinicAir What else but used for evacuation of medical patients between the
UK and Spain with a BAC1-11. 
Seaboard Airlines of New Zealand leasing an ex Delta L1011.
S: Fly based in Ancona utilizing an ATR42-300.
Sun Express will use B737-800 starting this month.
Bwee Express (Yes you guessed right - regional express of BWIA) links
Grenada, St. Lucia and Tobago with Dash-8 equipment.
A new low fare carrier based in New York City has introduced its plan and a
new name, JetBlue. Along with fares as much as 60% lower than its
competitors, JetBlue intends to provide its passengers with more comfort
and more entertainment options than most domestic airlines in the US so
far. The airline was named New Air until now and, along with an
announcement that it could order up to 75 A320 family aircraft.

Article regarding Swissair joining an alliance -
Whatever alliance it chooses to join, Swissair might also snatch
Thai Airways away from the Star Alliance as it tries to buy into the carrier,
a move that is seen favourably by the Thai government.

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For the DH Comet enthusiasts -
The first flight of the DH106 registration G-ALVG was on July 27th 1949.
The   DH106 was the designation for the de Havilland 'Comet' jetliner.
The last remaining intact example of the 'Comet 1A' G-APAS is currently
displayed at the R.A.F. museum in Cosford, UK.

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. The British Airways London Eye -
This is a $20 million observation wheel that will give tourists an
unrivalled view over London England, all the way to Greenwich. The 135 metre
highwheel, located on the South Bank of the River Thames, opposite the Houses
of Parliament, will be the fourth largest structure in London when it opens
to the public in January 2000. Visitors will sit in plexiglass pods
suspended   around the perimeter of the wheel which rotates 360 degrees
every half hour.

" ' "

. Brian Dunn has this info in his email newsletter from YYZ -
Capital City Air is the name of a new proposed airline to start up at
Edmonton Intl. Airport this September using a fleet of five 19-passenger
JetStream 31s.  Five local entrepreneurs plan to launch daily service
from YEG to Calgary with hourly service from 0700 to 1900hrs and daily
service to Grande Prairie, Peace River, Ft.McMurray, and Prince George BC.

For those of you who are looking for interesting websites there is a
live video cam at Zurich airport which gives you different angle views
of what is going on there.  Check it out at;
http://webcam1.atraxis.com/login.cgi   (note no "www")

...... there are reports that Luxair has entered into discussions with the
Star Alliance group of carriers.

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. Jet sets Y2K celebration.
Come New Year's Eve, the Concorde will be turned into a time machine, its
passengers making the start of the new century in Paris before streaking
back across the time zones and celebrating midnight again in New York. With
a us$10,000 ticket in hand, they will party a half hour in Paris before
take-off. For the next 3 1/2 hours they will in champagne and other first
class fare at 60,000 feet, landing in New York for a second count down in
Times Square. (As the flight is probably full, it is suggested that cons
miss this event - eds)

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. Terry's travel tips.
Dargal Interline
Subject: Cruise into the Millennium!
An incredible millennium voyage will take you not only to a special place
but also to a special moment in time. A party like this happens only once
in a thousand years. Make plans to a part of it and begin building wonderful
memories that will last you a lifetime as you cruise into a magical,
historical moment and as Panama's dramatic landscape parades its beauty before
26-Dec ~ 14 Nights * Celebrity Zenith *
San Juan, St. Thomas, At Sea, Aruba, Cartagena,
San Blas, Panama Canal, At Sea, Acapulco, At Sea,
Cabo San Lucas At Sea, San Diego
Inside $1079, Outside $1279, 3rd & 4th $479
All rates are US$ pp/dbl, subject to availability and eligibility.
New bookings only. Port charges/Govt fees are additional.    
For more information on these and other specials - contact us at:
DARGAL Interline 1-800-690-3223

When visiting Japan, enquire about the Japan Rail System Pass. Obtained
prior to departing and only available to tourists at a cost of approximately
$350 for 7 days. Available from Japanese Tourist Offices in voucher form
which are then exchanged for the actual pass upon arrival in Japan.

I recently entertained some friends for the past month and, as it was their
first long flight, I did not suggest they subject themselves to the delight
of standby travel. By purchasing the tickets here in Canada I saved them
almost 50% off the fare they were able to get in the UK. As the trip was on
a charter aircraft, and they needed to connect in Vancouver with a flight
to Vancouver Island, I visited the web site for Vancouver Airport and found
that their flight was 2 hours late and would miss the connection. I therefore
was able to delay my visit to the airport to pick them up knowing they
would    be on a later flight. As happens quite frequently with charter
flights, their
return from Vancouver Airport was delayed by 1 1/2 hour, so I was able to
email their family with the new arrival time in Manchester which does not
have their FIDS system on their web site.
For the Vancouver Airport web site - www.yvr.ca and choose Flt Info, then
Real Time Info, then either Arrivals or Departures. At the foot of the screen
is a motif which, when keyed on will give the FIDS display sorted by either
ac type, time, city or airline.

Irvine Christjanson thought you might want to check out the following site:
It includes flight tracking, destination guides, trip planning,
international guide....just what one needs to plan a vacation or just to
browse on those terribly hot or extremely cold Canadian days in a year.

Bill Fisher sends this -
FYI - if you are looking for good airline seat prices, check the internet
at    http://www.travelocity.com

This site is owed by the Sabre Group Inc. and
and check the Farefinder section.

" ' "

. Smilie.

From 'The sky's the limit' published Feb 1969 'Between Ourselves'
An airline hostess who saw an elderly couple board the flight, missed
them during her count. She advised the captain she was short two people
and the captain went to help her recheck. They found the elderly couple,
in their pj's, sleeping the overhead rack. They were used to travelling
by train and thought the overhead rack was a berth.

It's a comment from a passenger on British Midland, written in to complain
and goes like this :
'' Most airline food these days tastes like dogfood, yours tastes likes its
just passed through the dog ! ''
It was actually in referance to our new selection of gourmet sandwiches !!

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.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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