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Number 393   Date August 7th, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995


. Read somewhere - by your co-pilot.

During WWII, American war planes were ferried to the UK via Dorval, Gander
and Goose Bay. The aircrew were returned via aircraft operated by British
Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) on behalf of the Return Ferry Service.
Canada was concerned that Trans-Canada Air Lines was not being given the
opportunity to obtain transatlantic experience for its pilots with a view
to peacetime passenger scheduled flights.
In May 1942 various scenarios were discussed including obtaining a Douglas
DC4 aircraft or operate the 2 Liberators used by BOAC but with TCA pilots.
The British authorities made available a Lancaster III serial nr R5727 which
was being used for demonstrations in North America after seeing service with
nr 44 squadron of the RAF in Europe.
In May 1943 this Lancaster had all its military equipment removed by the
Victory Aircraft of Toronto, then flown to the original UK manufacturers
for modification including new engines, long range fuel tanks and a more
pointed nose - made of plywood - thus giving a cruising range of 4000 miles.
The inaugural flight was Jul 22nd 1943, registered as CF-CMS fin # 100, from
Dorval to Prestwick, Scotland operated as Canadian Government Transatlantic
Air Service (CGTAS), piloted by Captain R.F.George the aircraft carried 4 tons
of mail in record time of 12 hours 26 minutes.
'Old 100' was destroyed by fire following a crash on take-off at Dorval on
Jun 1st 1945 while engaged in engine trials of the new Merline 85 engines.
There were no fatalities.
With a total of 6 Lancasters piloted by TCA pilots, navigators supplied by the
RCAF, a schedule of 3 round trips a week was maintained and, in 1944,
1 million pounds of mail and 200 passengers were carried. This was Canada's
main flag carrier on the international route until TCA was able to complete
the change from quasi-military service to a fully fledged commercial operation.
Other carriers at that time were Transcontinental & Western Air,
American Export Airlines and Pan American of the US, with BOAC.

" ' "

. Lockheed L10A -
Captain Alan Macleod sends this memory after reading our piece in
NetLetter nr 392 -
Thanks for the note re the L10A in London and Linda Finch and her steed.
In 1997 I was down in Surabaya, Indonesia, as project Mgr. for  Hadj
that year.
It so happened that Linda stopped there on her way around the world as
that was one of the stops Amelia made.
I arranged to be at the airport for her arrival and introduced myself to
her. a group of 4 AirCanada employees presented here with caps with our
Lockheed pictured on the peak.
She of course was surprised that Air canada would be down in Indonesia
to begin with and she said she knew all about our Lockheed. we had a
chit chat and then just before we parted ways she said " it was so nice
of you to come here and meet me. Thanks so much. What I really don't
understand is why you folks have your Lockheed down here in this part of
the world !". Of course we explained why we there and that the Lockheed
was safe and sound back in the museum in Winnipeg.
I met her again in Paris at the air show that following june. First
thing she said was "don't tell me you have your Lockheed over here too?"
Nope, I said, I'm just here seeing the show.
Interesting that you said the aircraft (her's) would end up in the
Smithsonian. I saw it advertised for sale for 1.25 Million U.S. a few
months ago. Did you hear the museum has it now ?   I don't know if you
are aware that Pratt & Whitney financed her trip to the tune of many
millions. There was even a Grumman Albatross flying with here on that trip.
Regards Alan.

" ' "

. Headline in the 'Between Ourselves' dated February 1966,
loaned by Kitch Olson.
The delivery of an 85,700 Pound Baby.
Company pilots, Captain George Lothian, Ron Baker and Al Wilton arrived at
Long Beach on Sunday Jan 2nd 1966. Early the next morning these three men
went to the Douglas Company and wasted no time in getting aboard the DC-9
registration  CF-TLC fin nr 702.
They practically 'lived' in the cockpit during the next four days, both in
the air and on the ground. They sat for hours in the cockpit with Douglas
pilots asking questions and generally getting acquainted with the new
machine. Not until they had explored every situation that came to mind did
they decide to flight test the DC-9.
In the air, each pilot has the opportunity to fly the aircraft and observe
how it reacted to the controls. They made landings, take-offs, stall
procedures, steep turns, one-engined take-offs and almost every conceivable
manoeuvre possible to find out if the airplane corresponded to its
De-briefing sessions took place after these flights and recommended
modifications were relayed to Douglas engineers. Getting the work done on
the aircraft wasn't easy because the pilots flew the aircraft night and day.
In one instance, workmen were taken aboard to make some cabin modifications
while the aircraft was being flown.
Others on board with a great deal of interest included Paul Woodruff,
Engineer, Flight Test - DC-9; Ted Godwin, Acting Maintenance Instructor;
Robbie Robinson, Warranty Administrator, all from Dorval: F.'Bun' Moore,
Contract Representative and Walt Miller, Manager, Flight Service Equipment.

" ' "

. Brian Dunn has this info in a recent YYZNEWS newsletter -
Air Ontario (dba as Air Canada Connector) announced that they will commence
YYZ-Rochester NY service on September 19th with four DHC-8 flights per

Al Graham, previously executive Vice-President and COO, has been
appointed     President and Chief Operating Officer of Royal Aviation Inc.

Recently, two airline pilots who were hiking in Alaska found the wreckage
of a Northwest Orient Airlines DC-4 which had been declared missiing since
1948!  The wreckage was at the 6500' level of Mt.Sanford and there had been
30 people on board the chartered DC-4.

" ' "

. Seen in the Globe & Mail August 4th 1961 edition -
Dateline Montreal Aug 3rd -
TCA laying off 300 employees.
Trans-Canada Air Lines is laying off about 300 employees across Canada.
A spokesman said today most of the layoffs will be here. Most of the
workers were hired 2 years ago on a  temporary basis to handle maintenance
work incurred by the increase of new aircraft.

" ' "

. From the Now you have heard everything dept!
The British government is planning to introduce passports for dogs in
Great Britian. The animals will have blood tests and get a health
certificate issued and a small implant for identification purposes, this
will allow owners who take their animals out of BRITIAN from having the
animal placed in 6 months quarantine on returning.
(Remember 1984 - big brother is watching? Its got to come! - eds)

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Here is another on the Super Constellation saga -
The Super Connie in Toronto is an ex-Trans Canada Airline (CF-TGE) and ex-
World Wide Airways (CF-RNR) aircraft.
It sat disassembled at a farm in St.Jean Port Joli Quebec until rescued by
Connie nut Phil Yull who had it shipped to Toronto.
He completely restored the cockpit and eventually had an agreement with the
owners of the Constellation Hotel (near the Lester Pearson International
Airport entrance) to erect it outside as a bar and meeting place. Air
Canada threatened a lawsuit if he painted it in it's old TCA colours so he
opted for the generic white with red speed stripe.
Well....it seems that the Connie was so popular that no one was going into
the Hotel bar anymore so the hotel owners told him to move it off the
property. To tell you the truth, after having a few libations there myself
it was a better bar by a long shot! (pun)
Anywho...I belive an agreement was reached with Carl Millard (who had
helped before) to erect it where it is now. Last time I saw it they were
still setting up.
Want some nostalgia and a pleasant ambiance?....stop in and check it out. I
recommend it highly.
You can't miss it, it's on the north-side of the airport and is easy to

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Some departure taxes at Canadian airports.
At the following airports the tax is collected at departure -
Where           Amount                Exemptions
Dorval          $10.00                Infants, in transit within 24 hours.
Vancouver       $ 5.00 (BC & Yukon)   Infants and intransit passengers.
$10.00 (North America)
$15.00 (International)
Edmonton        $ 5.00 (Alberta)      Infants, intransit passengers
$10.00 (Outside)       and Disabled.
Moncton         $10.00                Infants and intransit passengers.
Castlegar, BC   $ 5.00    
Sydney, NS      $10.00                Infants and intransit passengers.
Bathurst, NS    $10.00                Infants under 2 years.
Kenora, ON      $ 5.00                Intransit passengers.
Thunder Bay ON  $10.00                Children <12 and intransits.
Fort St. James  $ 8.00 (from vendor machine)
$10.00 (from booth) 

The following tax is added to tickets -
Calgary         $10.00 + GST          Infants, intransit passengers and
pass holders.
Kelowna, BC      $ 5.00 + GST          Infants, intransit passengers and
pass holders.
Winnipeg        $ 5.00 + GST
$10.00 + GST eff.Oct 1/99.
Infants, intransit passengers and
pass holders.
Ottawa          $10.00 + GST eff.Sep 1/99.
Infants, intransit passengers and
pass holders.

A 20 BM$ Levied for all departures from Bermuda.

Dargal Interline has the following offers -
Subject: Enchanting Mediterranean
Sept 4, 16, 28 and Oct 10
12 Nights ~ Royal Caribbean ~ Legend of the Seas
Barcelona/Spain, Marseilles/France, Livorno/Italy, Naples/Italy
At Sea, Venice/Italy, At Sea, Messina/Sicily, Civitavecchia/Italy
Villefranche (Monte Carlo/Cannes)/France, At Sea, Barcelona
Inside us$814, Outside us$1114 plus Port charges and government fees

For more information on this and other specials - contact us at:
DARGAL Interline 1-800-690-3223

And Canadian Interline Travel offers this -
Greece offers an astounding step back into history!

6 Night Grecian Holiday
Departure Dates:  Oct 1 - 26/99
Tourist Class from $475CDN, Plus $65CDN Tax, pp dbl
Superior Class from $589CDN, Plus $65CDN Tax, pp dbl
Tour Includes:
3 nights Hotel accommodation in Athens, including breakfast.
Athens Sightseeing Tour (morning half day ),
One Day Saronic Cruise to Poros, Hydra, & Aegina (including lunch)
3 nights in Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos, with breakfast (choose any one island).
Ferry transportation to and from Piraeus to the island of your choice

Moderate Fully Escorted Greek Odyssey Land Tour from Athens
Departure Dates:  Weekly (Based on availability)
7 Night Package from $699-1275CDN, Per Person, double occupancy
Tour Includes:
Services of a professional tour director
Accommodation at Tourist & Superior Tourist Class hotels.
Rooms with private bath or shower, hotel taxes, porterage, tips, and
service charges. 7 continental breakfasts (B); 4 dinners (D).
Touring by private first-class air-conditioned motorcoach.
Ferry across the Gulf of Corinth  Sightseeing with local guide in Athens
Visits to Kalambaka, Meteora, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae*
Scenic highlights: Corinth Canal Portfolio of travel documents.
Call Canadian interline Travel to take advantage
of these special rates at 1-800-665-3100!!!

" ' "

. Smilie.

While boarding a coast-to-coast flight with his two boys, a pilot asked
the captain if he could show the kids where Dad worked.  The captain
said, "Sure, come on in."  He and the F/O demo'd all the bells and
whistles for the kids and then got back to work.
The kids watched as the captain pulled out his charts and began to
highlight the planned route.  The seven-year-old was amazed by this and
asked quietly, "Dad, what's he doing?"  Before Dad could respond, his
nine-year-old brother answered, "What do you think he's doing?  He's

" ' "

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