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Number 407   Date Sept 19th, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995


.  An Open Letter to All Air Canada Pionairs;

Prior to recent developments which I will mention later, as President
of the Air Canada Pionairs I sent the following e-mail on Sep 2nd to
Doug Port, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Government Relations
on behalf of our membership:

Dear Sir;

As a result of many enquiries from our members expressing anything from
concern to outrage over the attempt by The Onex Corporation to buy and
merge Air Canada with Canadian Airlines International, the Executive
Board of the Pionairs are considering drafting letters to both President
Robert Milton, expressing our support for him in his efforts to thwart
such a move, and to the Minister of Transport expressing our displeasure
with the conduct of the  Federal Government in creating an adversarial
environment in this matter.
We have enlisted the assistance of Ian McPherson, former Vice President,
legal affairs with TCA and Air Canada and now a Pionair, to draft such
We need some guidance in this activity however, particularly with respect
to protocol.
I am sure you and your Department are under significant stress at this
time, but 6300 Pionairs would like to voice their feelings strongly to
those people who are in a position to bring about a positive result in
favour of Air Canada.
We look forward to your response to our request for some assistance in
this matter.

With respect to the above communication a dialogue has resulted between
Air Canada Employee Communications and the Pionairs. Conversation focused
on the Company's plan of action and the support that the Pionairs could
It is important at this time to refer you to Robert Milton's communique
of Sep 3rd at which time he stated to all Air Canada personnel:

"Let me assure you that, at some point, your involvement will be critical.
But we are not there yet and we cannot risk doing the wrong thing or making
the wrong public statements. Whatever we do has to be well thought out and
must be executed at precisely the right time. Taking any action on your own
or collectively at this time will be counter-productive to our overall
strategy which is developing nicely."

The Air Canada Pionair Executive board has judiciously followed that line
of reasoning, particularly with respect when the name of our organization
has the words, 'Air Canada' in it.

At the point we have reached in this ongoing corporate saga, Air Canada
Employee Communications group, through the support of Sue Welschied is,
effective today, supplying to all Pionair District Directors daily media
releases and editorial analysis that will keep Pionairs up to date on the
latest developments.

My pledge to the retiree group is to keep this line of communication open.
But fair warning to all retirees, if you cherish your lifestyle with the
wonderful benefits you left the Company with, when the bell rings for
cooperative and concerted action, and that bell will likely ring, all
Pionairs must answer the call.

Saville Hambleton, President, Air Canada Pionairs
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*(As not all Pionairs or retirees have direct access to this NetLetter, *
* may we suggest that those of you who have, pass a copy of this        *
* information along to your fellow retirees. Thank you. - eds)          *

" ' "

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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