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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

retirementI dug another photo out of my private collection. From my 1983 retirement party held at the Bond Plaza Hotel, Toronto in April 1983. That's my friend, Mrs Bill Cole on my left, her husband was a flight dispatcher in Montreal and Toronto.
Air Canada - our first 70 years

1964 - July 21st

victoriaVictoria BC opens new terminal at Patricia Bay.

Oct 13th
British Royal family returns to London on a DC-8 after their Canadian tour.

Nov 21st New Telecom. system able to switch 3,000 teletype messages installed in the HQ of CNT in Toronto to be the nerve centre of Air Canada.

1995 - Apr 25th Direct service between Vancouver and New York introduced.
TCA/AC People Gallery
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from the "Between Ourselves" magazine
Issue dated September 1964
With a banner reading "Fly with the Birds to Victoria" the official opening of the new terminal at Victoria (YYJ) on July 21st, took place.

carnieJim Carnie celebrated his 23rd service anniversary by helping with the move.

Issue dated October 1964

Under the title "Queen selects Air Canada for return home" is an article with details of this flight on October 13th under the command of Capt's. A.S.Ander, E.T.Leek, I A March Navigator was P.G.Powell. Chief purser was Francois St. Hillaire who happened to be celebrating his 40th anniversary on this date. Other members of the crew were Rudolf Roth, George Smith, Joycely Lacroix, Kathlene McIntyre and Hilda Neilsen.

An Air Canada DC-8 arrives at YUL before it left Tokyo! One of the longest non-stop flights in commercial aviation history, 12 hours 24 minutes. Departing Tokyo at 9.02 am and arrived at YUL 8.37 am.

fastestThis was a chartered flight and we have this photo of the crew. 

Issued dated October 1964

The Annual System Golf Tourney was held at the Pine Valley course Toronto.

golfersHere we have a photo of a group, probably exchanging tales about their lies - on the score card that is.

powersAnd here is a photo of Mike Power who got the elusive "hole in one".  

Issue dated November 1964

A new era at Prestwick on September 22nd when the new terminal was officially opened by the Queen Mother. The first flight to use the new facilities was Air Canada charter from LHR-YYZ-CLE, a DC-8. Several employees were formally introduced to the Queen Mother including Rosemary Ross, Passenger Agent Prestwick, Stan Hewitt
and John Gilmore.

prestwickWe have this photo of the new terminal.

prestwick-1And this photo of the first passenger to use the new facility here with Don McLean DSM Glasgow and Rosemary Ross.

Issue dated February 1965

Unstripped DC-8 fuselage is x-rayed - Air Canada pioneer a new technique. The unstripped fuselages of two DC-8's were completely x-rayed by the company's Non-Destructive Test Centre at Dorval Base. One of the first airline to use this process.

xrayHere is a photo of Frank Murphy and Frank Lovat.

Issue dated March 1995

In February, a group of employees from Maintenance, Flight Operations, Station Services and Flight Test Engineering attended a course at Long Beach to review the workings of the DC-9.

prepfordc9Here we have this photo of the group prior to leaving Dorval as they pose beside a DC-8. 

yvrnyThis group in the photo are preparing for the Vancouver - New York service.

Introduction of the DC-8 service is due April 26th

interviewThese employees attended a one day employment interviewing training session, held in Dusseldorf and conducted by Gordon Mortimer and Dick Findlay.

Employees came from Dusseldorf, Zurich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
Star Alliance
Star Alliance
This was a recent heading on an article Lufthansa sees heavy first-quarter loss, but traffic decline may have 'bottomed out' (As Lufthansa is in the business of supplying seats for "bottoms", we are not quite sure what they mean - eds).
This n That

Bill Wood
sends us this information

The first unofficial airmail was flown about 100 miles in a balloon on July 4th 1853 by Richard Clayton from Cincinnati to Waverley, Ohio.
The first official air mail was on August 16th 1859, again in a balloon, by John Wise and Jake La Mountain from Lafayette to Crawfordsville, Indiana..

Ray Backwell has sent us these two photos

princessThis flying boat never got in to service, had six twin prop proteus engines.This picture is when it was going through the trails. never made it into service. This picture was taken in 1951 off Cowes Isle of White southern England. This was built for a range of 5000 miles, 380 miles an hour, two story aircraft.

princess-1British Airways was to take these aircraft but the cost made the Ministry of Supply cancel the project, aircraft was  140 tons.

More information can be found on this web site
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
I came across an attraction that I'm hoping to visit sometime in the near future. It's near Orlando, Florida in a place called Polk City. It's called Fantasy of Flight "An Attraction On a Higher Plane"

From their web site: "Our stunning art deco facility is home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft many of which have been restored to flyable condition. But that is just the beginning - we offer a variety of guided tours including visits to our working restoration and maintenance areas. You can climb inside the cockpit of a Corsair fighter for a battle over the Pacific and then take a spin on our state-of-the-art hang glide simulator in our Fun with Flight area.

If you are looking for a real experience, real fun, and real takeaway - something the entire family can enjoy, Fantasy of Flight is An Attraction on a Higher Plane."

Flight of Fantasy
If you have any comments regarding this attraction (good or bad) please respond to us an let us know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Perusing the "Info Canadi>n" magazine
Issue dated October 31st 1990
Effective November 2nd, service from YYZ to Mexico City on to Lima.

mexicoHere we have this photo of the happy employees waiting to receive the flights. (Obviously prior to recent events - eds)

Canadian last served Mexico City from 1953 thru 1981. The 3 oldest DC-10-30 aircraft have been sold to Potomac Capital Investments Corp.The aircraft will be delivered in May, June and October 1991.The fin nr 910, 911 and 912 were obtained from Pakistan International Airlines.

Issue dated November 14th, 1990.
Canadian's first B747-400 had its first test flight November 7th.

b747firstHere she is. This the 100th B747 built by Boeing. YYZ-LHR Dayliner/Starliner service will be discontinued January 6th 1991.

Issue dated November 28th 1990.

Service between Vancouver and Taipei effective December 5th with DC10-30 equipment.

Issue dated December 17th 1990
Regional airline company formed named Canadian Regional Airlines Ltd, which will comprise of Time Air, Calm Air, Ontario Express and Air Atlantic.

Issue dated January 9th 1991
Canadian Airlines UK Sales Marketing team meet for their regional sales meeting at Manchester UK.

liningWe have this photo of the group.

Issue dated April 10th 1991

melbourneHere we have this photo of the employees at Melbourne.

Issue dated April 14 1991

Effective April 27th Canadian suspended service to San Juan, Puerto Rico from both YUL and YYZ.

Issue dated July 18th 1991
Aircraft Fin #807 landed at Halifax International Airport on June 27th to mark the introduction of A310 service from Toronto.

Issue dated August 15th 1991
Defence contract is Canadian's largest ever. The contract, for passenger services is the largest in the history for Canadian to become the Department of National Defense preferred carrier for years 1992 and 1993. The DND contract is one of two big accounts won over from Air Canada. The other is with Esso, worth about c$18 million.

Issue dated August 29th 1991
Under the banner "Try us - I guarantee you'll like us" gave details of the money-back guarantee offered for first time business customers. The no-strings attached concept was introduced during the spring and is extended to the end of 1991. If the new business customer does not like the experience, their money will be refunded No red tape, no forms,no hassles. (What a way to get a free trip - eds)

A report on the ever popular "Amenity Kits" given to both first and business class passengers has been over whelming since introduction in March. It is reported that male clients ask for a female kit as a present for their wives, this means that half a years supply of the female kits have been passed out. As the number of kits offered is much higher than the number of paying passengers the indication is that employees are also enjoying this offer.

Checking through the "Blue Skies" magazine
Issue undated but probably 1978
The CP Air Communications Advisory Group met at the Airport Inn to discuss the upcoming advertising campaign.

cagroupHere is a photo of the group.

melbourne-1The CP Air Melbourne Australia office is very cosmopolitan and this photo tells all. (Standing l to r) Bram Wright English from Manchester, Graeme Cunningham from Melbourne, Danny Wong from Hong Kong, Hugh Scott from Nandi.
(Seated l to r) Cliodna McAleer-Rae from Co.Tyrone Ireland and Lynne Damaschun from New South Wales.

From the second undated issue

July 13th 1949 CPAir inaugurated its service to Australia. Flight time in the Canadair IV was 37 hours 18 minutes.

australiaHere we have this photo of the crew  (l to r) F/O C.N.Sawle, Capt. J.K.(Bud) Potter, Helen McCracken and Pamela Hookham

Readers Feedback

Retirement 1983 008Bill Sim has sent us a set of photos of the retirement of Aircraft Maintenance employees in 1983 representing some 900 years of service. Unfortunately, we have very few identities, and hope some of our readers can supply them and let Bill know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

retirement 1983 001retirement 1983 002

retirement 1983 003retirement 1983 004

retirement 1983 005

retirement 1983 006

retirement 1983 007
Terry's Travel Tips
Terry Baker
Below is the next segment of the "Round the world" trip by Sheila Moscoe we started in NetLetter nr 1064

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Carnival Cruise line
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Just a reminder for those golfers wishing to attend this years
Pionairs National Golf Tournament in Victoria June 2/3. For registering go to our website and click onto the golf ball in the right hand corner. You will then be guided through the registration form allowing you to pay by cheque or credit card.
Trevor Baron
District Director

"Round the World" with Sheila Moscoe

Sheila MoscoeHere is the next segment of the "Round the world" trip by Sheila Moscoe we started inNetLetter nr 1064

Well, hi everyone again!

Let me tell you about our first few ports that the Royal Princess sailed into. So, grab a map or an atlas and let's go for a cruise. We left Hong Kong in the early evening and we were dazzled with the sound and light show that we had seen while on land. We couldn't hear the music, but watching the strobe and lasers lights was spectacular.

For 3 nights/2 days we sailed the South China Sea along the east coast of Vietnam with lovely warm temperatures between 22C and 30C with slight sea breezes. We had some time to explore the ship and enjoyed relaxing on the deck and the balcony. Our first port of call was Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), which is the largest city in
Vietnam (country population of over 85 million). Saigon is about 1,094 miles (1,760 km) south from the capital Hanoi. It is written "this is a city that churns, ferments, bubbles and fumes". The streets, where much of the city's life takes place, are a jumble of street markets, shops, pavement cafes, stands-on-wheels and vendors selling wares spread out on sidewalks". Get the picture?! We had a day to explore on our own. Since we didn't book an organized tour, we took advantage of the free Princess shuttle from the port to the Rex Saigon Hotel. 

You might remember this hotel as the news reporting centre during the Vietnam War. We had quite a time trying to cross the streets with motor scooter traffic and vehicles zooming along. The first attempt we were guided by a local. The object of the game is not to get hit, so we had to step out in the street and start dodging the traffic without looking left or right. We knew that no one would hit us!

Phew, what an ordeal. By the time we left Saigon we were pros!!
The Ben Thanh covered market had the most eclectic selection of merchandise, food stuffs, meats, fishes, that our heads were buzzing with what to buy! Managed to pick up a few souvenirs and got a cold can of coca cola and took lots of pictures.After having a fabulous late lunch, with a few beers each, in an air conditioned elegant restaurant and paying about $10USD each, we were brave enough to cross the streets again!  But, this time we were in the new part of
the city, which had traffic lights, so no problem. We bought some local beer "333" which is "ba ba ba" in Vietnamese and we headed back to the ship. My seat mate on the bus was a fellow who had been in the Vietnam War, so he and I had a good old fashioned chin wag about my days traveling (in the early 70s) in this part of the world and his experiences as well.

Vietnam is definitely on my next trip list.

(We will continue this trip report in the next NetLetter - eds)

SmileyWe think much faster than we can talk. During a 30 minute speech, you'll hear 3,600 to 5,400 words. But you are capable of thinking at 800 words per minute, or 24,000 words in a 30 minute spell. Thus, you are always ahead of the speaker.
No doubt this accounts for the far-away dreamy look in the eyes of the average audience.
(Unless you are a retiree and you are probably asleep - eds)

Here we have the final excerpts from an article is an undated copy, possibly 1978,  of CP Air's "Blue Skies" magazine we started in NetLetter nr 1066 Submitted by Frank Healy a member of Communications Advisory Group.

Airline Passengers - A Hardy Breed!
Our friend sets out on a 20 minute dog trot to the gate. He's not home yet. The computer may cancel the flight, or it may over sell by 50% so there are no seats. His baggage, without handles, will go automatically to alternate destinations. Maintenance will probably delay the flight, maybe change the gate or possibly the aircraft. On their mean days they let it get to the end of the runway before calling it back. By now our friend has angina pectons and is sobbing uncontrollably. A Stewardess will offer him a cup of coffee, but his hands shake so badly he probably won't be able to drink it. The truth is it's not really meant to be drunk at all, it's really designed to be poured on passengers during turbulence, which explains its peculiar taste.
However, somehow our friend will survive, and after he is released from the clinic, he will probably be enticed back again by a $50 million advertising campaign "to soar through the sunfilled skies - relaxed, pampered - in the golden age of flight".
Who was it said "Only birds and fools fly"?
Frank Healy.
Member C.A.G.

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