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Number 422   Date Nov 9th, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995

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. Tom Grant, editor of web site acrew sends tis info -
Subject: Website Update
The BOOK LIST has twelve addition in Canadian aviation.
We encourage viewers to send in submissions.
Cheers,  Tom    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. News from the districts.
From Don Hancock Director YVR Pionairs -
Subject: YVR Pionairs Fall Luncheon
A little news item about the YVR District Pionairs Fall Luncheon Sunday
Oct 24/99.
The YVR District Pionairs Fall Luncheon was another enjoyable event as
145 Pionairs and guests gathered at the Quilchena Golf and Country Club
Granville Ave Richmond on Sunday October 24th.
The happy hour from 1130 - 1230 saw many Pionairs exchanging greetings and
some rather interesting stories while others browsed the displays provided
by Canadian Interline Travel and Dargal Travel discussing travel
opportunities with their respective representatives.
Interesting note that the Dargal representative was our retired Industry
Travel EX Gerry Philbrook.
Prior to the luncheon Donnella Robertson paid respect for those Pionairs
who are no longer with us followed by appropriate remarks. Following the
luncheon special guest speaker Alec Burden, BCTV Mr. Travel, provided
interesting travel information appropriate for interliners travelling at
discounted rates, and in addition identified new and unique product
information both land tours and cruises that would create new travel
experiences. In addition pricing opportunities were discussed and the
know how necessary in terms of how and when to obtain the lowest prices
for a particular tour package.
Following Alec our National President Saville Hambleton, was introduced,
who not only provided an update about Pionairs membership, the National
Committee immediate plans and agenda for the future. Of particular note
was the formation of a new Pionair District for Newfoundland. Saville also
spent considerable time explaining the current status of the AC/Onex
situation. It was quite evident there was considerable misunderstanding
and confusion at that time concerning the correct procedures for
responding to many documents received by shareholders from Onex and AC.
(That situation has now been clarified by the corporation in that a System
Letter has been mailed to all Pionair shareholders advising them to
immediately complete the green AC document, how to  support the AC
position, and to  forward it in the envelope provided and to destroy the
pink Onex document).
Saville concluded his remarks with a reminder concerning the
Party  2000 Millenium AGM scheduled for Vancouver BC April 28 - 30, 2000.
Many door prizes were presented, along with a $200.00 prize (50/50 cash
The meeting closed at 1445 with a final reminder pertaining to the XMAS
Luncheon on Dec 8/99.
Regards from Don Hancock and Committee YVR District.

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. Message from the President of the Pionairs -

It is with a great sense of relief that I write you today.

Gerry Schwartz on behalf of the Onex Corporation has withdrawn his offer
to purchase Air Canada relieving us of further anxiety in this 12 week
period of uncertainty.
The Air Canada shareholders meeting scheduled for Monday Nov 8th is (was)
There will be more somewhat uncertain times ahead in the world of commercial
aviation in Canada as a result of Air Canada's apparent planned offer to buy
Canadian Airlines International, but for now we can get on with what we do
best, looking after the interests of 6400 Pionairs.
It is with deep feeling that I congratulate all the District Directors on
a splendid job of dealing with the trauma of last 12 weeks. You have showed
both patience and determination in dealing with an unprecedented threat to
many of the features of the lifestyle we have come to, appreciate and enjoy.
Let's now turn our attention to throwing the BIGGEST DAMN PARTY our
organization has ever seen, Party 2000, Apr 28-30th in Vancouver.
Saville Hambleton
President, Air Canada Pionairs   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Jack and Betty Morgan sends this comment -
Just a thought.  You mentioned Ed Long who had amassed so much flying
time, but did not say how old he was.  I was curious because I was
privileged to know our own Canadian Tommy Williams who learned to fly in
WW1 when he was 29, and became an ace before the war ended.  He had a long
airline career, which I have documented, if anyone is interested, finally
letting his license lapse when he was 87 after flying all those years, (58)
I have no record of how many hours he flew in total, but I met him in 1982
when he came to Greenwood to speak at a mess dinner.  Jack helped him
dress in a tuxedo. He was 97 and so tiny and frail that he wore flannelette
pj's under his tux to fill it out a bit!
He kept those young pilots enthralled, speaking on his feet without notes
for over an hour.
Then, when the formal dinner was over, he sat with them surrounding him
in the lounge and went on speaking to them until nearly 2 a.m.!!
He and his daughter stayed with us for a few days and the officers at
Greenwood flew him home to Woodstock, Ontario in an Aurora.
He was helping me in research for a book I was writing about another WW1
flying ace.  I don't know who had the most fun, Jack and me,
or Tommy Williams.  It was an experience I will never forget.
He gave me a book of his poetry.  He told me his unlucky number was 9 and
gave examples of things that happened to him involving that number.
Guess how old he was when he died?     That's right - 99.
From: "Betty Morgan" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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. Found on the internet.
QANTAS DECISION PAR FOR THE COURSE: Australian airline Qantas has
apparently decided to repair a Boeing 747 that took a short golfing
vacation.  Pilots bringing the birdie in for a landing at the Bangkok
International Airport during a tropical storm in September made a long
hook shot as the plane overran the runway and slid onto a golf course
just beyond.  The plane won't be an eagle anytime soon -- there was
major damage to the nose, landing gear, engines, and fuselage
undercarriage.  Qantas insurers are facing a repair bill of nearly $100
million, so why not just write it off?  Qantas has never lost an
aircraft and isn't about to let this bogey be the first.

" ' "

. From the YYZNEWS newsletter by Brian Dunn -
Get your pictures now of the "Raptors" A320.  It is expected to go into
the paint shop shortly to be stripped down and re-painted in standard
Air Canada colours.
Singapore Airlines officially announced on October 18th that they
will join the Star Alliance in April 2000.
America West Airlines of Phoenix announced follow-on orders with
Airbus for fifteen new A318-100s and 12 additional A320-200s.  Further
options and purchase rights for 50 "A320 family" aircraft have also been

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. Help wanted!
Joe Mallory - Dorval wants some information.  
Karen and I are planning to go to Houston, Texas for a
week of golf in early December.  Does anyone know of any
affordable accomodation or golf packages in that area?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Terry's travel tips.
Royal Caribbean & Celebrity now have 2000 Interline ates!!!!
Celebrity's Galaxy - 7 Nt Southern Caribbean
Sail roundtrip from San Juan on 1/15/00 & 1/22/00
Visit ports:  St. Lucia, Barbados, Martinique, Antigua, St. Thomas
$474pp - Inside cabin $624pp - Outside cabin $126.75pp - Port charges
Royal Caribbean's - Legend of the Seas
21NT Journey of Temples & Treasures - 2/9/00
Sail from Singapore to Hong Kong
Visit ports:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia, Ko Samui,
Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,
Bandar Seri Belwawan, Manila, Phillipines
$1749pp - Inside Cabin $2049pp - Outside Cabin $49pp - 3rd/4th Pass.
$250pp - Port Charges
Above interline  us$ rates apply to airline employees,
spouse of employees, dependent children, parents of employees,
retired airline employees, and friends sharing accommodations with eligible
interline persons.
Call Magellan 21st Century at 1-800-345-7576!

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. Smilie.
From  Brian O'Hare Retired AC YYZ...living in Arizona
When I was commuting between ANC and FAI in
1983, I was waiting at the gate for a Wein flt to FAI.  The gate agent
announced that the weather in Barrow was marginal and if the flight from
ANC to FAI to Barrow could not land in Barrow, it would return to
FAI.  A short time later a passenger asked the gate agent " if the
plane is unable to land at Barrow and has to return to FAI, will it bring
the baggage back to FAI with it?".  The gate agent said " I don't know,
let me ask dispatch, and reached for the phone. DUH.
Les B. Anchorage, AK

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