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Number 432   Date Dec 11th, 1999  BYN 1st Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-pilot     - Terry Baker         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Need to know.
Linda Kwoon of Industry travel sends us this information -
Take advantage of Family Affair sell-offs:

Millennium Family Affair sell-offs. Imagine celebrating the dawn
of the new century in Paris or in the sun! Sell-offs between
Canada and Paris and Canada-Barbados, Kingston, Montego Bay,
Orlando, and Pointe-à-Pitre, are in effect until January 21. Some
conditions apply. Return travel must be completed by January 31.
Reservations must be made through the Employee Call Centre.

Fares Canada-Paris:

BC/AB      SK/MB   ON      QC      MARITIMES
$412       $412    $307    $307    $307

Fares Canada-Orlando:

BC/AB      SK/MB   ON      QC      MARITIMES
$269       $269    $169    $169    $229

Fares Canada-Sun destinations (except Orlando):

BC/AB      SK/MB   ON      QC      MARITIMES
$419       $419    $269    $269    $339

Note: The Family Affair program has been extended -- travel must
commence by December 31. Return travel must comply with
minimum/maximum stay provisions. Reservations must be made
through the Employee Call Centre.

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. Don Demeza sends us this:
My daughter Heather and son Mathew paid us a visit from their home
in Portland, Oregon.
They were travelling on a "Partner Pass" so while waiting at Pearson,
Heather asked me to take Mathew aside and explain why he was dressed
up and some of the things that happen "on standby". I explained the
usual plus the fact that they might even be upgraded to Business Class
and how he should behave. Well, to my surprise they rode business
class and the Flight Attendant congratulated Mathew on his gentlemanly
behaviour.  Mathew could hardly wait to tell his dad,
"Guess what dad - I travelled in Business Class -
- and I don't even work".        Mathew is 9.
(This points out how esential it is to inform your 'partner pass'
recipients the dress code and how to behave. It may not get them
an upgrade, but if we all follow the rules, the priviledge will
not be withdrawn - eds)

" ' "

. News from the districts.
From the Sentinel the newsletter of the Montreal Pionairs -
For those traveling to Florida, there is a free phone call service to
Florida Travel - 1-800-430-2435, a Florida accommodations calling centre
featuring information of thousands of homes, condos, motels and resorts
with nightly, weekly, monthly rentals.
Yvette Ste-Marie wrote several articles, which we edit here -
At the corn roast held at Constantin in Ste-Eustache approximately
43 members showed up. The entrance was decorated with farm benches,
hay and produce, fresh corn was piled high on the counters and myriad of
pickles and jams in jars were being offered for sale. The hall soon
filled with bus loads of other groups from different clubs, mostly
seniors.  An amusing program had been planned by the restaurant
starting with the choosing of a King and Queen for the day. Everything
was well organized and we were served with a lovely hot lunch.
Lunch with the Pionairs of Alexandria, Ont -
On August 11th, about a dozen of the Montreal group ventured forth to
Alexandria and joined fellow Pionairs there for lunch. Their group
has lunch together every second Wednesday of each month. They were
surprised and pleased to see us. We were warmly greeted by their
Director 'Rocky' Rochford and his wife Barbara, as well as many members
who took us into their fold immediately. Most of the Pionairs were
ex-Dorval employees so that we had a lot in common. The lunch consisted
of a lovely buffet of Chinese food. We were cordially invited to come
again and we hope to be able to arrange for some of their members to
attend one of our future lunches.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Austrian Airlines and partners Lauda Air and Tyrolean Airways are
leaving the Swissair-led Qualifier group to join the Star Alliance
next summer.
SIA and British Midland are due to join the Star Alliance during
next spring.

Continental captain Deborah McCoy has become the first woman in
America to head a major commercial airline pilot group with her
appointment as the carrier's Flight Operations Senior Vice President.

Recently a pilot of an American West flight ordered an emergency
runway evacuation in Ohio because of what the crew thought was suspicious
behavior by two Middle Eastern passengers. Both graduate students at
Arizona universities, were handcuffed, questioned and released.
One student said he never touched the cockpit door, but was trying to
use a toilet at the front of the cabin. He had asked a flight attendant
about the plane's itinerary because he was concerned about being late.
Both students said they had been humiliated for doing nothing but ask
questions, speak in Arabic and make hand gestures to each other.

North Vancouver Air begins a new scheduled service between Vancouver
and Comox on Vancouver Island beginning Dec 17th. There will be 6 flights
each way. The 45 minute flight one way will cost $150, return $295.

The new startup US carrier JetBlue, formerly known as NewAir, will be
based in JFK International Airport, and plans to have a fleet of
82 Airbus A320's. For a startup airline, JetBlue is unusual in that they
will have new aircraft to avoid the inevitable higher operating costs
and lower reliability associated with older aircraft. A firm order for
25 aircraft has been placed, plus options for 50 more and 7 on lease.
Operations are planned to start in January 2000.

" ' "

. Musings by your co-pilot.
Back in the late '70's, and while working at Dorval, a group of us went
to London England for a London Show Tour, weekend trip.
In the group was my wife, The Leduc's, Langevin's and Lois Morrison.
We stayed in a B&B in Plimlico. Just for the week end. After arriving
at Heathrow, and took the Airport bus for Victoria station in downtown.
We boarded a local double decker bus at Victoria, and put our cases under
the stairs and went in the downstairs of the crowded bus as we were not
going far. After we went around a particularly sharp corner at quite a
fast pace, someone said they saw a suitcase fly into the road from under
the stairs. As Lois' was the last case in the stairwell, it was hers.
She and I jumped up and asked the conductor to stop the bus, which he
refused to do, mainly because we had not paid a fare. By that time we had
reached the next bus stop and Lois and I jumped off after telling my wife
where to get off for the B&B. Lois and I ran back to the corner and asked
several people if they had seen an errant suitcase, equipped with wheels,
charging down the road, but no one had witnessed such an event.
We reported its loss to the police and the London Transport.
Poor Lois had to buy a few essentials and had no change of clothing now
but, fortunately, her wallet and passport were safe in her purse. To make
matters worse, the single room she had assigned to her in the B&B was no
bigger than a cupboard - really - hardly room to swing a cat.
Some time after returning to Canada, Lois received a letter from the London
Transport advising her that a similar suitcase to hers had been located
and   would she care to visit and identify - no way not from 3,000 miles away!

" ' "

. From a press release November 1967 -
'Giant plane seats 220, Reds claim'
Moscow Nov 3rd AP -
The Soviet Government said today it has put into operation 'the largest
passenger aircraft in the world.' powered by four  prop-jet engines
twice as powerful as those of similar aircraft outside Russia.
The plane is so big  it must have two elevators, a telephone system,
and a restaurant for 48 persons. The official news release on the prop-jet
called the TU-114, said it can transport 120 passengers from Moscow to
New York from 10 to 12 hours, and 220 passengers on shorter routes.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Abotel Concorde Residence, 5 Rue Cambon, Paris France 75001
located between Champs Elysees & Opera. Price range 600 - 1190 FFR
Up to 50% discount for active & retirees of  airlines.
contact (514)738-4040 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Smilie.
From: Edna Rachuk <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
A friend in England sent this one, printed in the Winter 1999 West
London Aero Club Newsletter.
Pilots flying heavy iron are sometimes known for their lighter jibes at
pilots of smaller aircraft.
One day, at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, An A-340 was in
line for departure behind a Fokker F-28, an aircraft that has a tail
which splits to act as a large speedbrake.  The airbus captain was heard
on the radio making some comment about the "cute little plane" in front
of him, and boasting about the brand new jumbo he was flying.  In
response, the Fokker's fuselage speed brakes opened wide and over the
radio, a very loud "PRBBBBBBT" was heard.
"I do believe we've been mooned" said the A-340 first officer to his
Edna Rachuk

" ' "

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
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