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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

We received this response from Dave Welham

In Vesta's Jump Seat (NetLetter nr 1062) I really enjoyed the article about the first stewardesses 100 years ago. It seems to me I heard that in the early days some airlines insisted on only male flight attendants for the longest time, one being BOAC.

Does anybody have more info about this, and about when BA finally hired ladies?  For that matter, when did AC first start hiring male cabin attendants?

On that same subject, one day when I was working gates at YUL, purser Attilio came up the bridge with a long face, saying "This is an all-business-man flight YUL-YYZ and what does Crew Sched give me but an all-male Cabat crew the psgrs will not be too happy about that!"

Even more rare, was an all-female crew, including flight deck, but I believe it did happen once during the 1980's or 90's.  
Does anybody have more information on that?

Best regards, Dave Welham, Pionair.

Air Canada - our first 70 years

1961 - Aug 1st
Inaugural flight into new Sault Ste.Marie airport.

1964 - May 15

cftgeThe last Super Constellation delivered to new owner. This aircraft fin 405 had a colorful retirement, moving to a field in Quebec, then as a pedestal monument outside the
Constellation hotel in Toronto, then a restaurant at YYZ, finally the subject of efforts to stop its sale to US interests.


Sep 22 Britain's first baggage carousel installed in the new terminal at Prestwick.

1965 New Southern Service between Vancouver and Nassau and Jamaica inaugurated. 

TCA/AC People Gallery

Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from "Between Ourselves" magazines

Issue dated August/September 1961
The new Sault Ste.Marie airport was opened August 1st, and a TCA Vanguard made its inaugural flight into the new airport.

saultstemarieHere are the flight crew.

Drive-in ticketing has been incorporated into the company's new Edmonton Ticket Office.This is the first in the system, and the first airline office in Canada to feature this unit.

New era begins at Data Processing at YUL with arrival of the IBM 1401 computer.

1401Here we have these two photos of some of the staff looking over the equipment.


ReserVec equipment is the latest reservations systems.

gradsHere we have a group of perplexed looking graduates from the first training course and a group from the second training session checking out the console.


Issue dated January 1962

Prestwick terminal receives a facelift.

prestwickHere is a photo of the happy employees.

maxckeiganStation Attendant G.MacKeigan was accidentally locked in the compartment and became the first employee to have ridden in the Vanguard belly from Sydney to Halifax.

Here is the stowaway.

goosebayWe don't often get photos of employees from Goose Bay, but here we have a photo of the employees at the safety-minded station.

Issue dated February 1962

J.Farquhar is the first employee in Europe to retire from TCA.
"Jimmy" was a golfer and "had won the "Hewitt-Maxwell Golf Trophy" so many times that he couldn't be beaten, so he was retired" such were the sentiments of his fellow golfers.

farquharHere we have this photo.

Star Alliance

Star AllianceUnited Airlines said it will complete its transition to a cashless cabin on its North American flights, except for United Express operations, on April 20. It began accepting credit cards for onboard purchases on March 23

This n That

Canada and Japan announced an expanded air services agreement that will grant Canadian airlines unlimited access to cities outside Tokyo and offers access to Haneda "under certain conditions," Transport Canada said.

During this 100th year of the first flight in Canada, we have some more stamps issued over the years.

Here are 4 bush aircraft  issued October 5th 1982

bushaircraft-2Fairchild FC-2W1 G-CAIP and de Havilland Beaver.

bushaircfaft-1Noorduyn NorsemanC-GASK and Fokker Super Universal CF-SAM

jetOn September 1st 1987, this stamp of an Air Canada jet was issued.

airmail-1During 1942-1943 this stamp was issued as a war issue

airmail-2On September 16th 1946 this  peace issue was made.

Alan's Space

Alan Rust

Canada's pioneering air acrobats to meet up again in Comox
When 300 people sit down for a gala dinner Saturday inside an airplane hangar in Comox, B.C., among the most celebrated guests will be nine retired aviators in their 70s and 80s.

The men are some of the finest fighter pilots ever produced by Canada, an aging band of top guns who thrilled air show crowds while flying for the Golden Hawks - the country's first, jet-powered aerobatics team, the forerunner to the Snowbirds - from 1959-1963.

Sabre #1Not once in the 46 years since the Golden Hawks were disbanded have its surviving members ever held a formal reunion. On April 25 the nine pilots, including four of the original team members, plus a dozen former ground crewmen, will gather at the military airbase in Comox to celebrate their history and remember a time when Canada's air force was considered one of the best in the world.

Sabre #2Their reunion is only one part of the Century of Flight dinner - a gala evening whose guests will include former air force commanders, a decorated Second World War pilot and the current Snowbirds team, all gathering to honour the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada.

For the complete story, follow this link.

Quarter Century in Aviation Club

Quarter Century in Aviation

Next Dinner Meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Click here for more info

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Perusing the "Info Canadia>n" magaines
Issue dated October 5th, 1989

"Canadia>n North" to begin operation.

canadanorthThe name "Canadi>n North" has been chosen to represent Canadi>n Airlines new Northern Division and will begin serving Canada's northern communities on October 29th. Canadian North and its founding companies (CAI, PWA, Transair, Nordair) have served the North for over 75 years.

paintjobHere is the final touch to fin 762 being painted with "Spirit of Resolute Bay". This airline, 100% owned by Aboriginals, is a striving healthy company that provides superior service to all northerners including the over 30,000 shareholders (Inuvialuit and Inuit of Nunavut) that own it and called NorTerra Inc..

to fly solo by discontinuing the commercial agreement effective October 29th and will be known as INTAIR.

Effective September 1990 the pilot bases at Halifax and Winnipeg will be closed.

Issue dated October 26th 1989
Introduction announced of "Global Horizons", an exclusive club for travelers 55 and over to be launched November 7th.

Effective October 29th, Canadian at YVR will handle Lufthansa, previously handled by Air Canada.

Issue dated November 30th 1989

hkgstaffHere is a photo of some of the Hong Kong maintenance staff.

Issue dated February 6th 1990

Agreements made for the dale of aircraft. (10) A310-300 have been sold to IACO, (2) A310-300 are going to Blenheim Aviation, and (2) B747-100 to ATASCO. (6) will leave in 1990, (5) in 1991 and (3) in 1992.

Issue dated October 9th 1991

lindaHere we have this photo of Linda Smith, Manager, Merchandising Services who provided information regarding the new timetable which set a new industry standard.

pearsonJim Pearson, Yield Systems Analyst hard at work on the Payload computer.

Kevin Jenkins, President, addressed the major issues at various stations.

Here we have some photos of those who made their comments.

seymourJeff Seymour, Structure Mechanic, YVR.

deniseDenise Pratt, Passenger Agent, YEG

clarkClark Beenan, Flight Attendant, Toronto.

Readers Feedback

sends us this request maybe in your next issue you can give us some background on the Cleveland - London routing...I guess you are referring to Cleveland Ohio.5th freedom rights ???

cleveland(The only other information we have is these two photos which appeared in the "Between Ourselves" June 1961 issue which we did not include in NetLetter nr 1064. The routing is via Toronto - eds)

Betty Morgan
sent us these comments.
That video (Time to say Goodbye) is so powerfully nostalgic and emotional that I don't know whether to let Jack see it or not. I used to work for Chrysler and he for TCA/AC and it is very difficult for us both to see what is going on now. Incidentally, would you be interested in seeing my website:   
It is about my book and maybe some old AC people would enjoy seeing what it is all about. Thanks.  Really have been enjoying the old pics and have Jack's old scrapbook to go through and send you a picture.
Betty Morgan

normanwellsHere we have these photos of Norman Wells taken in the 50's donated by John Anderton

Do they bring back any memories?.



Alan Lock
has sent us this information
re Net Letter #1060 dated March 14

L1011You showed a photograph of a group visiting the L1011 assembly line in California in your #1060 issue. I believe the one "3. Face hidden???" was me. At that time I was Properties and Supply Manager in the U. S. Regional office located in Century City, Los Angeles.  This office was established in 1970 following the massive Corporate re-organization the prior year in which the Company was "broken up" into various regions. 

In 1975 this office was relocated to New York. My responsibilities included negotiating all leases in the U. S., prior to having them approved by the Corporate Law Department; doing the functional design  of offices cargo buildings, airport locations, etc. prior to turning this over to the Architect's office for the architectural and mechanical designs such as electrical, heating/air conditioning systems, back wall treatments, color schemes, etc. so that all Corporate offices - world-wide - reflected the Company's image.

My job also included all purchasing for  U. S. offices - excluding aircraft. But I was asked to assist as required with the Corporate liaisons based at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, Boeing in Seattle and Lockheed.  As a result I made many trips to Lockheed since our L1011's were on the assembly line. Cabins, ovens and other passenger cabin needs were all in the design stage requiring assistance or on-site liaison with the purchasing, etc.

Even though working in the U. S. Region my immediate Supervisor was Kitch Olsen - V. P. Purchasing and Properties in Montreal. The U. S. Regional office was not large. But perhaps some of your readers might wish to reminisce about the folks who moved to L. A. and set up this brand new office. 

The photo re-opened some old (and I thought forgotten) memories.

Harry Akin - Personnel - transferred to Chicago as Station Manager - replaced by Viggo Carstensen - I believe retired
Yours truly - retired assisted by Howard Cassidy - Purchasing;- transferred back to Montreal as requested by Montréal Lorne Timbers who later became Sales Manager, Los Angeles District,.
Mike Scullion - Cargo Sales - ??? Vic Leonard replaced Gordon Gaffikin following the Tampa transfer.  Vic later became District Manager - San Francisco. Jim Gould replaced Vic Leonard as Public Relations Really enjoy reading your net letters - you folks are doing a fantastic job.
Alan B. Lock

We received this email from, Nicolaas Bastmeyer

Many a time your links to websites have given me hours of pleasure jumping all over the net. Especially your link to the 'deer and pussycat' (music It's a Wonderful World) have been admired by me and my friends - I will often send them a copy of the links
you post in the News Letter! Have a very good day and my thanks to you and the staff of The Letter.


stolI am sending you two pictures taken at a hangar presentation many years ago at CP Air. I worked for Can Pac Air for 34 years, and we were obviously dreaming of  a stellar future so many years ago.

sstAfter a number of  changes we are now Air Canada (Pionairs) but we can still all dream can't we?

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry BakerAccent Inn Vancouver Airport special rates.

The Daily recently advised the special rate of ca$49.00 per night until April 30th and then ca$65.00 per night from May 1st until September 30th 2009.
But the phone number the Daily quoted is incorrect and should be 1-800-663-0298

If traveling ZED fare and wonder what the space is, try

You may be lucky.

Just a reminder for those golfers wishing to attend this years
Pionairs National Golf Tournament in Victoria June 2/3.
For registering go to our website and click onto the golf ball in the right hand corner. You will then be guided through the registration form allowing you to pay by cheque or credit card.

Trevor Baron

District Director

Here is the next segment of the "Round the world" trip by Sheila Moscoe we started in NetLetter nr 1064

Sheila MoscoeHi everyone!
For those of you who haven't been to Hong Kong, let me tell you about what we did there.  After checking in at the hotel on Nathan Road, Kowloon in the Tsim Sha Tsui area we began our foot patrol of the area.  It's a one stop shopping experience that we'll never forget. Every few steps we were accosted by Indian tailors asking us if we wanted a dress made, suit made, clothes made, anything made that day.  So from side to side we walked and stopped into many shops from electronics to shoes to clothing.

Fortunately, our hotel was quite near the Temple Street night market which has many many seafood outdoor restaurants which featured spicy crab and other delicacies... and some nice cold beer, too.  No jet lag yet.

The night market is the same as any day market...purses, shoes, clothing, etc. etc. We were mindful of our money and purse so we came away unscathed, thank goodness. The next day, we did a walking tour with a guidebook, which included traveling on the
MTR (underground rail system) which was easy and efficient to navigate. When we left the station we had to walk east along Prince Edward Road West....could we figure out which direction was east?  Included visiting the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where people bring their birds in the cages and show them off to other birders. Interesting food stuffs for these birds, including live crickets packaged with leaves in a mesh bag, and other bird stuff!

We walked through the Flower Market, Ladies' Market (picked up a cheap purse), Goldfish Market, Shanghai Street (one of the oldest streets in Hong Kong), Jade Market (couldn't resist a few baubles!), visited the Tin Hau Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Seafarers, Tin Hau.  And in between we had a fabulous Dim Sum lunch... thank goodness all we had to do was point to the food that we wanted.  Deelish! Next day, we did more of a walking tour, and ended up at the Harbourfront promenade walking past the HK Museum of Art, the HK Space Museum, the HK Cultural Centre, and Clock Tower.  We watched the 13 minute evening sound and light show at the waterfront. Laser lights were bouncing off the tall buildings, with floating restaurants in front. 

It was quite a sight to behold.  Spectacular! Afterwards we walked along the Avenue of Stars, like a Walk of Fame with Bruce Lee as the major attraction.  We also had our picture taken professionally which is certainly a nice souvenir to take home.

One evening we met Vanessa for dinner at a famous eatery The Sweet Dynasty. Vanessa is a young lady now, who was a former student many years ago at my brother David's school in Toronto (where he was a principal).  Have always kept in touch with Vanessa and it was so much fun to spend some time with her. She sure knew how to order our meal for us! The next day we checked out of our hotel and went to the Sheraton to spend the last night before boarding the ship.  The Sheraton was redeemed with Aeroplan points and well worth it!  Gorgeous hotel right near the harbour. They had 45 minutes free internet for each guest as many times a day as needed (the Novotel only had 20 minutes per room per day).  
So the morning we checked out of the room, we used the internet in the lobby and typed away to our hearts' content.

However, some unscrupulous @#@##@ stole Shirley's bag (purse included) that was sitting on the chair right beside her.  Of course, we didn't know this has happened until she was finished doing her e-mails.  Panic came to our rescue. They checked their video surveillance, and sure enough they caught it all on tape. However, they were not privy to show it to us.

They had an officer accompany us to the police station to file a report.  How do you remember everything that was in the bag....besides passport, money, credit/bank cards, Princess Boarding Pass, address book, etc. etc.  Managed to fill it out in time for us to take the MTR over to Hong Kong Island to the Canadian Consulate which was closing at 1330hr Friday afternoon.  We got there with 20 minutes to spare.With forms to fill out, pictures to be taken, they worked on processing her a temporary passport past the closing time for the public.  Phew!  What an ordeal. The gal in the hotel security had taken some still photos from their video and we saw this professional in action.  Incredible. He had tested Shirley a few times by moving her spare chair, and then he made the kill and scooped up her purse and put it in his zip black bag and he went down the escalator and out the door...face in full view. I was told that I was the first target, but my bag was too big for him to grab and I was
looking around all the time.  But, because he was sitting behind us, I didn't get a good look at him.  Even if I did, who knew he would be the perpetrator?

So, we finally got a taxi and made our way to the ship which was docked nearby. We boarded without any problem.  You can imagine how the first few days were on board. Even today when Shirley is looking for something, she remembers that it was in her bag. We set sail in the evening passing the sound and light show once again.
As I said it's farewell to Hong Kong.
Next chapter on the ports of call.

Love, Sheila
(More next time - eds)


SmileyFrom "Between Ourselves" magazine issued December 1964.

R.K.Todd, Office Supervisor, Public Relations sent in this

The Sky's The Limit.
Sitting quietly in repose
Waiting for the doors to close.
Load appears to be complete
Lucky that I got a seat.

Pleasant relaxing there,
Not completely unaware
Of the turmoil by the door,
What's he looking at me for.

Hand on shoulder, rigid, cold,
Sorry Sir, we're oversold,
Why does he do this to me,
Sitting inconspicuously?

Walking back the way I came,
Thinking many thoughts profane,
Drowning sorrows at the bar,
Have to take the C.N.R.

Been there - done that!

beenthereHere is a cartoon from "Info Canadi>n" issue March 1992 by Fellowes YYC

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