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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

SEOUL (AFP) - - South Korea has its first female civil pilots after two women passed a state test, officials said Wednesday. Shin Soo-Jin, 39, and Hong Soo-In, 36, of flag carrier Korean Air, have qualified to fly the B-737 airplane, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority said.

The two joined Korean Air in 1996 when it began hiring female co-pilots, an airline spokeswoman told AFP. There are 1,731 pilots and 1,826 co-pilots working for South Korean airlines. Korean Air and its rival Asiana have a total of six female co-pilots.

Strict qualifications including more than 4,000 hours of flying experience are required for candidates to qualify as pilots.

"I'm glad that I've achieved my longtime dream," Shin told the Korea Times. "Just as we did, junior female pilot-hopefuls will have to undergo tough challenges. I believe in their capabilities."

Korea has traditionally been a male-dominated society. The US State Department's 2007 human rights report noted that "gender discrimination in the workplace remained a problem."

Air Canada - our first 70 years


Feb 9th

b747First B-747 delivered fin # 301. First flight at Boeing at Renton was January 22nd.
The in-flight entertainment planned for the B-747 marks the first time that its in-flight entertainment has been available on a Canadian airline.

Feb - A French language edition of the employee publication
"Between Ourselves" was introduced.


Apr 28th

charlottetownInaugural flight between Charlottetown, Price Edward Island and Ottawa/Toronto, Ontario. Air Canada flight 655.

We have this airmail cover issued by Air Canada.

July 1st

texasInaugural flight between Toronto, Houston, Fort Worth and Dallas.
We have this airmail cover issued by Air Canada.  

Oct 4th

mirabelInaugural flight from Mirabel (YMX).We have this commemorative envelope issued by Air Canada.

Air Canada news

Air CanadaAir Canada to launch new non-stop seasonal service between
Sydney, NS and Toronto. Starting May 1, 2009 

TCA/AC People Gallery

Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from "Between Ourselves"

Issue dated September 1970

resguysTen employees from across the system were in Toronto for the ReserVecII system acceptance. Here we have this photo.

Issue dated October 1970

farewellA farewell party was held for Harry Jennings, Manager, System Building Maintenance who retired after 25 years.

Here we have this photo of the gang who were happy for him.

Issue dated November 1970

regionalRegional support staff of the Galaxy region meet with their VP, Pat Labrie. The LAX meeting also was the occasion for the 25th year presentation to Mike Scullion.

caleaCALEA held their 23rd AGM in Toronto and accepted the company's invitation to a reception.

Here are some of the delegates hob-nobbing!

Issue dated December 1970

burdenThe girls got together to say farewell to Gene Burden who was leaving New York for Halifax.

willisSandra Willis a Cargo Agent at Bermuda was the only female Cargo Agent in the company (at that time).

Here we have a photo of  her "loving the job".

However, in "Between Ourselves" issue February 1971 -

carlaDieter Haltmayer lost little time in providing evidence to the contrary and sent along three photos, all Cargo Agents in Germany. Carla is at Stuttgart Airport, Dagmar at Dusseldorf Airport  and Monika is at Hamburg Airport.


Issue dated March 1971
Air Canada's first Boeing B-747 was delivered to Montreal on February 26th. CF-TOA fin 301 c/n 20013.

b747crew-1Capt. Bill Benson, in command, flew a long low pass over the airport for the appreciation of  employees before landing.

b747crewUnfortunately, we have no identities for these employees - eds)

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance
United Airlines is launching the first-ever daily nonstop service linking Washington, D.C. with Moscow
with red-hot deals to Red Square and a bonus-mile offer that make the airline's latest
capital-to-capital addition more affordable and more rewarding.

The inaugural flight is scheduled to depart Washington Dulles on March 29.

Singapore Airlines is introducing their Preferred Seat Selection programme allowing passengers to purchase seats with the most leg room at extra cost us$50.00. Travellers can secure their prized seats next to the exit, subject to availability.

Bytes and Pieces

Alan RustSilver Dart Replica flies at Hamilton airport

A former Canadian astronaut was able to fly a replica of the historic Silver Dart a few metres above the runway of an Ontario airport Friday after earlier tests showed stability problems with the aircraft.

Fire trucks were on hand as Bjarni Tryggvason drove the fragile-looking plane up and down the runways of Hamilton International Airport, passing modern passenger jets parked in the background.

The aircraft briefly lifted off the ground at least twice before touching back down on the runway.

A group of volunteers who built the plane in Welland, Ont., hope to take it to Cape Breton later this month to mark the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight in Canada and the Commonwealth.

The group wanted to test out a stability weakness in the plane's nose before the big day.

"This is going to be a new experience," said Tryggvason, adding he's not nervous about trying to fly the replica.

Silver Dart ReplicaFormer astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason flies a replica of the Silver Dart, the first heavier-than-air machine to fly in Canada, Friday in Hamilton. The first powered flight in the Commonwealth took place on Baddeck Bay in Nova Scotia on Feb. 23, 1909.

Click on the image to display a larger one.

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Perusing "Info Canadi>n" magazine -
Issue dated June 18th, 1987 -
Southwestern Ontario city of London added to the Canadian Airlines International network.
On May 31st, London became the 72nd domestic destination.

Issue dated June 25th, 1987

staubBetween the four of them, they have 66 years of airline experience. 60 years with either PWA or CPAL.

Here is a photo of the Staubs.  

Issue dated July 4th 1987

Canadian Airlines International will have the only non-stop service from North America to Beijing when service commences Oct 27th.

Issue dated July 9th 1987

balloonStan Wereschuk's hot air balloon flew the new colours on July 3rd at Calgary Stampede.

Stan is a YYZ based aircraft mechanic, and has been flying balloons for 14 years.

Issue dated July 23rd, 1987

pwaersEight former PWA employees completed 25 tears service during 1987, and here they are.

Issue dated Aug 6th 1987

The CF6-50C2 engine No. 3 right wing of DC-10-30 Fin #908 was removed for the required full maintenance after 20,394 hours of service. General Electric equates this to 5 years without a hiccup!

PWA acquired 45% of Calm Air International Ltd and has been designated as a Canadian Partner.

Issue dated October 29th, 1987

watsonEffective April 3rd, 1988, Canadian Airlines transferred several routes to Time Air to serve Watson Lake and Fort Nelson.

Here we have the facilities at both stations.


This and That

The Vickers Vanguard first flight was 20th January 1959 - just 50 years ago. British European Airways ordered 20, and Trans-Canada Air Lines ordered 23. A total of 46 machines were produced.

London England's Heathrow Airport (LHR) became the first international airport to receive scheduled Airbus A380 arrivals from three different airlines as Emerites, Qantas and Singapore Airlines began flying into the U.K.

Driverless pods which will transport passengers from Heathrow (LHR) terminal 5 to its business car park will be ready by the fall of 2009. The battery powered vehicles are capable of accommodating four passengers and, if their luggage has been located, along a dedicated guideway. This will be the first Personal Rapid Transport in the world.

Readers Feedback

Gordon Aitchison
has sent us these photos of the Cabbage Patch event at LHR -

cabbagepatch-1On November 6th, 1963, DC-8 CF-TJM fin # 813 c/n 45653 was damaged after an aborted take-off at LHR. The aircraft ended up in a "cabbage patch" in Long Breakfast Field 700 yards west from the end of the runway. There were no fatalities.

cabbagepatch-2Negotiations were made with Douglas Aircraft for the repair of the
aircraft, and arrangements made to house the aircraft in the B.O.A.C. hanger at their maintenance complex at LHR.

cabbagepatch-3The aircraft was considered to be in a bonded area from a Customs and Excise point of view, thus allowing the movement of unserviceable and serviceable units without tax complications.

cabbagepatch-4The aircraft was made airworthy towards the end of 1964 and re-entered service.We have this photo of the T.C.A. contingent.

L to R back row Russ Thatcher (YUL), Dick Tritt (YUL), Wally Sankwich (YWG), ? centre row Ted Rogers (YUL), Wally Evans (LHR), Ted ? (LHR), ? front row ?, Keith Mullen (YUL), Danny Sweetman (YUL),
Terry Baker (LHR)

cabbagepatch-5and here is a photo of the whole contingent of T.C.A. and Douglas.

Sadly the aircraft crashed at YOW on May 19th 1967 whilst on a
training flight. There were no survivors.

Phil Pawsey sends us this photo -

Am attaching a group picture of those who were transferred from Halifax to Moncton in 1947 (I think). We knew them as the AC (Atlantic Control) and consisted of space control agents and teletype operators. I know the names of a few of them especially my wife Mary Beatty who is in the middle of the first row. 

yhzgangI wonder if there is anyone else out there knows many more.  

I will appoint Wils Foote to be the judge if we get any answers.
Phil Pawsey.

inaugDel Horn has sent us this photo of a Viscount inaugural in August 1955.

L to R
Lloyd Elders, two unidentified stewardesses, Del Horn,
Russ Bell, Don Curry, Dennis Stewart and an unidentified

Regarding the article on the "MotionMark" in NetLetter nr 1054 -
Ron Lingwood sends this comment I was an aircraft technician in the days when the "MULTI MARK" was introduced and to my memory the third symbology was the five grey bars which
represented five continents flown to by CPAir.

I remember we did not think too much of it when it first appeared.
The best livery was the final one of course, the Canada Goose!!        

Ron Lingwood

and Bill Wood chips in with this comment - 5 lines in Chevron represent 5 continents.

Terry's travel tips

Terry BakerThe 28th annual World Airlines Road Race (WARR) is being held in Hangzhou City in China on September 10th thru 15th 2009.

Full details on web site

Here we have the continuation of the trip by Aureen and Jack Morath which we started in NetLetter nr 1054 -

Then a flight back to Bangkok on a B717 aircraft which was an unusual one and one that I hadn't come across before. There was only around l2 of us on the l25-seater aircraft.

We had a hot meal on the flight too. After another couple of nights at our hotel in Bangkok, we made our way overland to Cambodia.  It was a four-hour drive in a private vehicle before crossing the frontier on foot and joining up with another private vehicle for another four-hour drive to the city of Siem Leap. The drive was very rough and the whole road was being rebuilt as well as the bridges, as the bombs had only recently been cleared from their own internal war twenty years ago. Again, our hotel was excellent and we had the services of a guide for a day and a half there, being taken around the various temples and sights, including the Ankor Wat, the largest temple in the world and a World Heritage Site. 

We also had the opportunity to visit some local poor houses on stilts outside the city and bought some of the straw mats that they make to eke out a living. 

The next couple of days were spent exploring the city, mainly by a moped with an armchair on the back which was extremely cheap.  Then our long drive back to the Thai border along the same rough road but this time the car broke down a few times until eventually it gave out completely and we were stranded in the countryside, an hour's drive from the border. 

Another car came along later and towed us to a garage, and we continued our journey with another car and driver. In the meantime our driver at the border was anxiously waiting for us.

It was nice to get into Thailand again with a very good four-wheel drive car and excellent roads, and so we had a smooth ride all the way back to Bangkok.

Our 30-storey, five-star hotel was excellent with all the amenities.
The eating places are excellent and the price of around £38 per room per night including a large buffet breakfast is excellent value for money.  I have a number of brochures for this hotel and if anyone would like one, please contact Aureen or myself. 

We have already planned our next exciting trip so maybe we'll write that one up as well.

PS - It was suggested to me to write up this item, but we would be very pleased to hear from any other colleagues and their travels as well as some information on planning their trips which could be useful for others including trips in the UK.

Jack and Aureen


A weather related thought, by someone who stayed home!
Imagine a family trying to get to the U.K. over the Christmas season at YVR and being seriously delayed by the snow storms.

They finally made it BUT, now they are due to return from LHR on February 2nd - and hit another snow storm with delays
and cancellations..!

A Canadianism added by some Calgary maintenance staff.

canadianehFrom the "INFO Canadia>n" magazine July 4th 1987.

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