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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 810  Feb 4th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

. Need to know.
Fellow Retirees,

This letter is being mailed to all Air Canada / Canadian Airlines retirees
residing in Canada.

The Executive and Board of Directors of the  Air Canada Pionairs have asked me
to advise all retirees residing in Canada that the Air Canada Pionairs have
entered into an agreement with Johnson Inc. to make several insurance programs
available to our members. The plans are offered on a voluntary basis to provide
our members with an alternative option for their insurance needs. Home and
Automobile and Life Insurance, as well as MEDOC® (Travel Insurance) for out of
Province/Country Emergency Medical Expenses, with Trip Cancellation and
Interruption benefits included will be offered.  Future Health and Dental plan
is being investigated.

Please note that due to the existence of Provincial Auto Insurance Plans. Auto
Insurance and Auto Club are not offered in British Columbia, Saskatchewan or
Manitoba. Only Home, Life and Travel Insurance is available in these provinces.
An Alternate Home-Auto Plan will soon be introduced for Québec retirees and it
is expected to be announced very soon.

The Air Canada Pionairs have chosen the Preferred Service Home-Auto Plan for
our Members because it provides a comprehensive and complete range of unique
products and services.  For example, your level of protection is enhanced by
the PS-Home Plus and / or PS-Auto Plus Plans which provide many additional
insurance benefits, as well as PS-Auto Club - an Emergency Roadside Assistance
Plan.  Members/retirees who become policyholders automatically receive numerous
Special Service Advantages - absolutely free.  Below are just a few examples of
these special features:

·       Personal Priority Attention, 24 Hours-a-Day.
As a preferred policyholder, you are assured of immediate service - 24
hours-a-day, every day.  You are assigned a personal, Service Supervisor who is
available to you during regular business hours, and your after hours needs will
be professionally handled by Johnson’s always-available, after hours staff.

·       Convenient Payment Plan.
With the Preferred Service Plan, your premiums are paid on a monthly basis
through automatic bank deduction, and NO interest or service charges will

·       Instant Documentation.
No more waiting and wondering - with the PS Plan, your insurance papers are in
the mail to you on the same business day.

Please take a minute to review the enclosed brochure and see why over 300
Groups like ours have chosen the Johnson Preferred Service Home-Auto Plan for
their Members.  There are three convenient ways you may respond; complete and
return the enclosed postage paid Preferred Attention Card, call Johnson for
your free, no-obligation quotation, 1-800-563-0677, or request a quotation
online at When requesting your quotation, please identify
yourself as an Air Canada Pionairs Member and quote our Group ID Code: PW.


John Rodger,
President Air Canada Pionairs

P.S.    If you require information about MEDOC®, our Travel Medical Emergency
Plan, please call 1-800-461-4597.

" ' "

. John Rogers President of the Pionairs sends this information -
Air Canada Pionairs meeting with the Canada Aviation Museum - Ottawa
Jan 21 2004

The Air Canada Pionairs held a meeting with representatives of the Canada
Aviation Museum to get information about the memorabilia and artefacts from the
Air Canada collection that were sent to them last year.

Present from the Pionairs:
John Rodger  President, National
Robert Levasseur - 1st VP, National 
Mae Wilson  Treasurer, National 
Keith Kelly - Director at Large, National 
Ted Page - Quebec District Director 
Jess Rougeau  Eastern Ontario Director 
Art Scott  Eastern Ontario Pionair
Fraser Muir  Pionair’s Memorabilia & Past President Pionairs
Ron Williams  RAPCAN, Pionair - YOW
Dennis Baxendale  RAPCAN , Pionair - YVR

Present from Aviation Museum:
(Member of CAPA  Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association)
Fiona Smith-Hale  Manger Information Resources
Jim Johnson  Director Collection Services
Steve Payne - Curator Aviation Museum

We were given a briefing on how they acquired the Air Canada artefacts and the
state they are in today by Fiona. We are all relieved that it was in good hands
and is being looked after properly. The conditions are much better than they
were at Air Canada due to the fact that storage is in a climate-controlled
area. We did not see the collection as it is still all in boxes on several
pallets in this storage area.

Due to new construction of a hanger and new display areas we may not see any of
our collection on display for several years. But in about a year’s time the
museum may need volunteers to help identify the collection. We may be
restricted to just advising due to union positions at the museum. In the future
we may be able to receive duplicate items to give to other museums across the
country and we will also on request be able to borrow items for displays such
as AGM’s etc.

After one hour and a half the meeting was ended with a promise from Fiona that
we would be kept informed as to the progress of the new buildings and when we
could help out. We were also invited to come to the museum at any time to see
the progression of the new facilities.

John Rodger
President AC Pionairs

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Special offer from MNBA for US-based Air Canada Family members
Thanks to the Aeroplan® -MBNA partnership, active and retired Aeroplan and Air
Canada employees who reside in the US can receive 50 per cent off the customary
$60 US annual fee for an Aeroplan Platinum Plus® MasterCard®. You’ll earn one
Aeroplan Mile for every dollar charged to your card, and, once you’ve made your
first retail purchase, you’ll receive 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles—a great start
to a great relationship! To inquire about the card, call 1 (866) 227-1554 and
mention promotion code CSM8.
(We have no information regarding Canadian residents - eds)

Regarding the discount for Park-n-fly, Pat Laidlaw sends this info -
Just for your info. I used Park n Fly in YYZ and they just wanted my AC
card. The code didn't seem to be important.
Thanks for advising about this discount. 50 % is really a savings.
Pat Laidlaw

" ' "

. Air Canada news -
Toronto Extra flights started in December including:
San Jose, Costa Rica:           Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays;
Cancun, Mexico          Early afternoon flight;
Aruba                           Second weekly flight;
Grand Cayman            Increased to 4 flights weekly;
Nassau                          Increased to daily flight;
Barbados                        Increased to 2 daily flights;
Antigua                 Increased to 2 weekly flights;
Turks & Caicos Islands  Increased to twice-weekly;
Fort Lauderdale         Increased to 3 daily flights;
Miami                           Increasing to 4 daily flights;
Santiago, Chile         3 flights per week;    
Buenos Aires, Argentina 3 flights per week;
Havana, Cuba                    3 flights per week.
Other flights are:
Montreal to Guadeloupe          Increased to 2 flights weekly;
Vancouver to Kona, Hawaii               New weekly service;
Vancouver to Honolulu           New afternoon departure daily at 2.40pm and 3
times per week at 5.00 pm;
Vancouver to Maui                       Increased to a daily flight.

Could Air Canada flight crews be in for some refreshers on VFR procedures?
For the second time in less than six months an Air Canada crew has committed
an embarrassing navigational blunder while looking out the windows instead of
scanning the panel. On Jan. 19, a rare clear winter day in Seattle, the crew of
an Air Canada Jazz Dash-8 lined up visually for an approach and landing on
Taxiway Tango at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. They were supposed to be
aiming for Runway 16R. In September, an Air Canada A319, with gear down and
flaps partially extended, was apparently intent on setting down at tiny Vernon
Regional Airport (runway 75' x 3360') in British Columbia before the crew
thought better of it and went looking for their real destination of Kelowna
International, about 30 miles away. That incident also happened while the crew
was flying VFR. Last month in Pennsylvania, a Shuttle America flight actually
landed at the wrong airport.

" ' "

. News from the districts.
Ray Field This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sends this notice -
24th Annual YKA Airline Funspiel will be held at the Kamloops Curling Club
05,06,& 07 March 2004. Accent is on fun, friends and family are invited, skill
level varies from beginner to Brier has-beens.
Three games guaranteed, dances on Friday and Saturday nights, Banquet on
Saturday, prize presentation Sunday afternoon. Entry fee $160 per team.
Accommodation at the Thompson Conference Centre and Hotel next door to curling
club, $60 per room up to four people per room.
Entries to: John Calvert, 7180 Montana Rd. Richmond BC V7C 4K3 (with entry fee)
by 15 February. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and from Jim Griffith -
The next meeting marks the second anniversary of our Niagara Peninsula Coffee
Our February 10th, the meeting will be at the usual time 10:30 for Schmoozing,
11:00 for the sit down. One way or another we will have cake to go with the
coffee. We are proud to be donating $150.00 to Dreams Take Flight and hopefully
Bill Sanderson will be present to accept our cheque.
For those coming to Niagara from afar, Virgil dining includes Alfredos, The
Lawrenceville and Silks. They all serve wholesome food. A wine tour has been
arranged at Jackson Triggs winery at 13:30. For all you prairie folk it's real
nice to see a boy from southern Manitoba make good. Unfortunately the best I
could do for an airline discount was $3.00 for the three tastings which,
however, does include that delightful Niagara Ice Wine.
Please tell anyone you know who is not on e-mail about our party. Come and
bring a guest the more the merrier.
Jim Griffith - Chairman N. P. C. G.
Take the QEW to just over the Garden city skyway at St Catharines take the exit
marked HWY 55 Niagara Stone Road. Come around and once you pass over the QEW
you come down a T with lights at it. Go left and follow the airport sign. You
will come around a double curve take the first right marked Airport Road. Take
this till you are staring the Airport in the face. That is HWY 55. Turn right
until you get to the lights in downtown Virgil. Alfredos is just on your right
about 100 yds up the road. Our meeting is in the basement. and it starts at
10:30 for schmoozing and 11:00 for the meeting.. I've arranged a wine tour at
13:30 and you are welcome to come. Most of the people stay for lunch either at
Alfredos or the other two restaurants in town. They are all okay.
Just a word of warning; as you approach downtown Virgil don't blink because
you'll be through town.
Victoria Area Pionairs Coffee Klatch
Attention Victoria Area Pionairs, please be advised the next coffee klatch will
be held Wednesday February 11th at 09.30 am.
There has been a change in the location, our meeting will now take place at the
Breakwater Cafe, 9851 Seaport Place in Sidney.
Proceed to the end of Beacon Ave.turn left onto Seaport Pl to the Sidney Port
parking lot. The Seaport Cafe is located in this complex. Please pass this info
on to your friends who might not have a computer. See you there. Bob Walker

From the London England monthly newsletter issued by Tony Coleman -
Upcoming events from our active Pionairs -
23rd Feb     -       LHR Passenger Office retirees’ lunch -  White Hart pub
Harlington 12.30 pm  all are welcome.
16th March      -       ACRA Theatre trip “Anything Goes” at Theatre Royal,
Drury Lane.  Cole Porter Musical. Coach from Radius Park at 6.00pm.  Tickets
£19.50 (members) £23.50 (non-members).
28th March      -       Olde Tyme Music Hall.  Coach will leave at 9.30 am and
arrive back at 6.00 pm.  
Great day out, including lunch.  Details and slip in this newsletter.
21st-23rd May   -       National AGM of Pionairs at Chateau Lacombe Hotel,
14th June       -       London Evening tour  very popular event.
7th September   -       Day trip to St. Omer  cross channel coach and train.
15th-17th Nov   -       North American Trip to Phoenix  Hotel accommodation
& 16th November.

" ' "
. Gord Dalziel sends this article -
The Longest Flight: Survival Tips for Hours in the Air
Activities: Air, Health and Travel Insurance, Tips and Resources
Author: Sascha Segan

November 24, 2003 -- Like planes? No, do you really like flying? If so, we've
got a trip for you: Singapore Airlines' new trip from Los Angeles to Singapore,
at 18 hours the longest nonstop flight in the world.

When the route debuts sometime next year, Singapore Airlines fliers will become
the David Blaines of the travel world, spending nearly a day in a
poorly-pressurized, bone-dry cabin, crammed into coffinlike seats.

(We're not dissing Singapore Airlines here, which has some of the best service
on the planet. That's just the way all coach-class flying is nowadays.)

But how much of a breakthrough is Singapore's new slingshot? To find out, we
turned to OAG (, the masters of global flight schedules. They
publish the definitive worldwide flight guides, and if anyone has obscure
airline data, they do.

They came through with a list of the 10 longest flights in the world:
1. Newark-Hong Kong on Continental, 16 hours.
2. Chicago-Hong Kong on United, 15 hours 50 minutes.
3. LA-Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, 15 hours 45 minutes.
4. Delhi-Toronto on Air Canada, 15 hours 30 minutes.
5. LA-Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines, 15 hours 21 minutes.
6 (tie). LA-Melbourne on Qantas, 15 hours 20 minutes.
6 (tie). Atlanta-Johannesburg on SAA, 15 hours 20 minutes.
7 (tie). Taipei-New York on China Airlines, 15 hours 10 minutes.
7 (tie). Hong Kong-Toronto on Air Canada, 15 hours 10 minutes.
7 (tie). Atlanta-Seoul on Korean Air, 15 hours 10 minutes.

Staying Safe and Sane
When you're locked in a box for that long, you have to worry about both your
safety and your sanity. David Blaine had a team of doctors; you have us.

The number-one rule on a long trip is get up and walk around. Get an aisle seat
rather than a window seat, if you can. Get up every 90 minutes or so and
stretch your legs, walk to the galley or just touch your toes.

This shakes up the blood in your legs and prevents deep vein thrombosis, or
"economy class syndrome," a rare, fatal ailment that's caused by sitting in one
place for too long.

Number two: stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol, which dries
you out. Replace your contact lenses with eyeglasses, and bring eye drops and
moisturizing lotion. Airplane cabins are very dry, and the dehydration after a
very long flight (especially combined with jetlag) can make you feel ill.
Drinking water, of course, will make you need to go to the bathroom.

This is good, because it gets you out of your seat. For more health tips, see
our article, Health in the Air: Common Problems & Ailments.

Finally, be proactive when it comes to entertainment. Call your airline in
advance to find out if your flight has individual seat-back video screens and
how wide the choice of movies is.

If the choice is inadequate, consider bringing a DVD-playing laptop or buying a
portable DVD player.

Portable players are now under $300, according to, and
you'll never have to watch anyone else's movie ever again.

If you do bring a laptop, DVD player or video games for the kids, make sure you
have extra batteries or your seat has a power port -- another thing to ask your

Your electronic device may need a special air adapter for the airlines' power
port; you can usually buy these at any big electronics store.

Luddites should arm themselves with books and magazines, or even travel
Scrabble sets, before the flight. Two thick novels and some magazines for even
the longest trip -- and that's a luxury David Blaine didn't

" ' "

. From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs-
From: Russell Kellythorne <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Air Canada Cargo charges

I thought you may be interested in the employee/retired cargo example of a
parcel I sent in early December.

3.0 kg parcel about 1ft square in size. $7.85 YVR to PDX ( Portland)
Fuel surcharge .45
Security charge 15.00
Navcan fee 3.00
Total 26.30

US Customs broker charge (PDX)
$20.usd @ 1.30 26.00
Total 52.30

The same parcel shipped by Fedex with the employee discount:
Next day ground delivery, Reg $115.00 less 75% emp. disc = $ 28.75

Economy 2 day delivery. Reg. $73.00 " " " " = $ 18.75 So it's better to ship
Fedex or Canada Post.

Fedex rate by air have the fuel surcharge built-in, so their rates are

" ' "

. Terry,s travel tips.

Ruby Livingston got this response to her May Day -
Subject: Re: Car Rentals
I have had some replies and thank you so much for your help.
Alamo seems to have the best deals so far but they close at 10:00 pm at
Kahului and our flight gets in at 10:40 pm. How's that for timing! Another
piece of advice was to rent a used car phone number 800-533-5929. A contact
given to me by Gus de Jardom was CHS Help Desk at 843-818-6000 ext. 87023 ro
e-m to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I called Alamo and they have a special on
Blazers and 7 pax vans for 215US a week plus all the extras. It's those
American dollars that put a spoke in your wheel!! Ruby L

Deals from Interlining Plus -
Special Valentine's Day Caribbean Cruise
7 nights Caribbean San Juan return
Very limited space!
February 14:$899 USD
6 nights San Diego to Vancouver
May 2 Outside $409 USD / Balcony $489 USD
5 nights San Diego to Vancouver
May 23 Outside $359 USD / Balcony $479 USD
9 nights New Orleans to Baltimore
May 1 Inside $399 USD /Outside $599 USD
7 nights Western Caribbean New Orleans return
February 7, 14 Inside $399 USD /Outside $499 USD
7 nights Western Caribbean Port Canaveral return
February 8 Outside $499 USD / Balcony $689 USD
February 1 Balcony $689 USD
7 nights Eastern Caribbean Miami return
February 1 Inside $399 USD / Balcony $649 USD
7 nights Western Caribbean Galveston return
February 8 Inside $349 USD / Outside $449 USD
February 15 Inside $449 USD / Outside $549/Balcony $999 USD
7 nights Mexican Riviera Los Angeles return
February 22, 29 Inside $399 USD / Outside $499 USD / Balcony $599 USD
February 8 Balcony $599 USD
10 nights Mexican Riviera San Diego return
February 20 Inside $630 USD / Outside $680 USD
Mar 1, 11 nights Inside $650 USD / Outside $700 USD
6 nights Pacific Coastal San Francisco - Alaska - Vancouver
May 29 Outside $500 USD / Outside $630 USD
14 nights Coastal/Alaska San Diego - Alaska - Vancouver
May 21 Inside $1,050 USD / Outside $1,220 USD
7 nights Southern Caribbean San Juan return
February 14 Inside $450 USD / Outside $550 USD / Balcony $750 USD
January 31 Balcony $650 USD
7 nights Southern Caribbean San Juan return
February 13, 20, 27 Inside $400 USD /Outside $500 USD
Mar 5, 12 Inside $400 USD / Balcony $650 USD
8 nights Honolulu to Vancouver
May 2 Inside $499 USD / Outside $699 USD / Balcony $899 USD
5 nights Los Angeles to Vancouver
May 3 Inside $279 USD / Outside $309 USD
11 nights Vancouver to Honolulu
May 8 Outside $699 USD
1 800 665 3100
(604) 606 1700
Fax: (604) 606 1720
Mention being a Pionair and avoid the $20.00 administration fee.

(a division of James F. C. Rose - Your Interline Cruise Expert)
Carnival's Ecstasy on February 9 for a four night cruise from Los Angeles (Long
Beach) to: Ensanada and Catalina Island.
Only $75 pp (for friends on their own)
(plus port & taxes of $123.08 pp)
per person in a run of ship cabin
(max. 2 in a cabin, and cabin & type assigned by Carnival at departure)
The interline rate is $30 for a 'run of ship' (plus port & taxes $123.08)
For reservations:
Usual terms & conditions apply,
including these are all per person - based upon at least two in a cabin,
USA funds, port charges & taxes extra.
Prices & availability are NOT guaranteed to last, and can
and do change fast and without notice.
However, your price is guaranteed once you book & pay.
information: (204) 889-3885
fax: (204) 889-3885
reservations: (204) 889-3885 & (800) 414-8091

" ' "

. Smilie.
The light bulb only cost 77 cents, but without it, a "No Smoking, Fasten Seat
Belt" sign on a Comair flight was dark, and it stayed out for four flights.
What ensued, according to a report in Friday's USA Today, was a four-year
investigation, an inch-thick report, and a proposed $44,000 fine. (It's
possible the proposed fine would not recover the dollars spent through four
years of investigation.) "It's not simply the fact the light was out, but the
follow-up actions required were not taken," FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen
told reporters. Nonetheless, the case was settled after Comair replaced the
bulb and agreed to pay the fine ... after it was reduced to $3,000.

" ' "

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