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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 812  Feb 15th.,  2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

. Nice to know.
CIBC launches new Aeroplan credit card—Now you’re going places™
On February 10, the CIBC Aero Classic VISA credit card joined the CIBC
family of credit cards that earns Cardholders valuable Aeroplan Miles at
over 580,000 merchants in Canada and in over 23 million locations in 150
countries around the world. For a limited time, the $29 annual card fee
will be waived for customers who apply for the Aero Classic VISA card. In
addition to receiving 2,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles upon first use of the
card, Cardholders will earn one Aeroplan Mile for every $2 spent on the
card, and can earn up to double Aeroplan Miles when the card is used at
participating CIBC Bonus Rewards Establishments. For details about the
offer, check out or call the CIBC Call
Centre at 1 (800) 465-2422.
Card features
• Low annual fee of $29, with up to three additional complimentary cards
• For a limited time, customers will enjoy no annual fee for the first year
• Mileage accumulation ratio: 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $2 spent
• Receive 2,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles upon first use of the card
• Earn up to double Aeroplan Miles when the card is used at participating
CIBC Bonus Rewards Establishments
• 20 per cent discount on AVIS car rentals at participating locations
• $100,000 CA Travel Accident Insurance
• Emergency card replacement service and cash advances if the card is lost
or stolen
• Credit limit up to $15,000
• 24 day interest-free grace period on new purchases
Please note there is no discount offered to active and/or retired employees
for this card. For a limited time, the card's annual fee of $29 is waived
for the first year - subsequent years' fees will be $29.

" ' "
. Tony Coleman, Director UK Pionairs sends this information -
List of Staff Travel phone numbers in the U.K. for various airlines -
AER LINGUS                020 8899 4747
AIR CANADA               0871 220 1111
AIR FRANCE                      0845 0845 111
AIR JAMAICA                     020 8570 7999
AIR MALTA                        020 8394 5001
AIR NEW ZEALAND           020 8741 2299
AIR SEYCHELLES             01293 596 656
ALITALIA                           020 7602 7111
ALL NIPPON                     020 7224 8866
AUSTRIAN AIRLINES        020 7434 7300
BRITISH AIRWAYS           0345 333 747
BMI BRITISH MIDLAND     0870 607 0555
BWIA                               020 7745 1100
CHINA AIRLINES              020 7434 0707
CONTINENTAL                 0800 776 464
CROSSAIR/SWISS           020 7434 7300
CZECH AIRLINES             020 7255 1898
DELTA AIRLINES             0800 414 767
El Al                                020 7957 4100
EMIRATES                      0870 2432 222
GULF AIR                        020 7408 1717
IRAN AIR                         020 7409 0971
KENYA AIRWAYS           01784 888 222
KLM uk                           0990 074 074
KOREAN AIR                  020 7495 0077
LAUDA AIR                     020 7630 5924
LUFTHANSA                   08457 737 747
MAERSK AIR                  020 7333 0066
MALEV                           020 7439 0577
NORTHWEST                  0990 561000
QANTAS                         0990 726827
ROYAL JORDANIAN        020 7878 6300
SAS                               0845 600 7767
SOUTH AFRICAN            020 7312 5000
TAP Air Portugal             020 7828 0262
THAI AIRWAYS Int          020 7499 9113
US AIRWAYS                 0845 600 3300
VARIG                           020 7287 3131
VIRGIN ATLANTIC          01293 747 747

" ' "

. Air Canada news.
ZIP to stop London, Ontario operations. As of March 1, ZIP will no
longer fly from London, Ontario to Winnipeg and Calgary. The routes are
being stopped due to shifting market demand and the resulting decline in
revenues. The B737 used on the routes will be deployed onto a more
profitable one. A decision to return to the London market will depend on
improved economic conditions, financial viability of the operations and
availability of aircraft. ZIP began flying these routes last spring. ZIP
also announced that it will launch daily non-stop flights between Montreal
and Winnipeg starting March 1.
Air Canada heats up with some more “sun” destinations.
Air Canada is expanding its winter destinations service.
As of  Feb. 11, a weekly Wednesday flights from Moncton to Holguin, Cuba,
On Feb. 12, launched Thursday flights from Moncton to Punta Cana,
Dominican Republic.
Feb. 13 there will be weekly Saturday flights from Halifax to Varadero,
Cuba and Cayo Coco, Cuba.
On Feb. 14, new weekly Saturday flights will begin, using our A319s, from
Halifax to Barbados.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Southwest Airlines -
The airline with the most affordable air fares has just made travel a
whole lot easier. Starting today, Customers with an electronic "Ticketless"
reservation may print a Boarding Pass on the day of travel from

" ' "

. News from the districts.
Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands Newsletter.
As of March 1st, I will be relinquishing the position of District Director
and will be replaced by Saville Hambleton. As most know, Saville is a past
District Director and Past National President and is taking over on an
interim basis until such time that a permanent volunteer can be found.
The past two years have been rewarding and to say the least most
enlightening with the Air Canada restructuring process, including the
Pension and Benefits aspect which had an effect on all retirees. Hopefully
things appear to be in a positive position now that the company has found a
financial backer.
This gives me the opportunity to thank the following for all the work and
helpful assistance, namely District Committee - Secretary Louise
Falkenberg; Treasurer Marjorie Thorpe and Assistant Director Eric Van der
Holt, plus Terry Baker our Web Master. To the many others such as Patricia
Hill, Eileen Brown, Eddi Palsgraf, Dave Hempsall and their various social
committees, in addition, Bill Wood the chairman of our annual golf
tournament, and also Bob Walker who makes the Victoria coffee klutch a
success. Last but not least, a big thanks to all the Pionairs who make up
our phone committees.
I would be remiss in not thanking, on behalf of all Pionairs, the National
Pension and Benefits Committee for all the work done on our behalf.
Wally Lamond

" ' "

. May Day.
From: Gloria Jakobsen
Subject: accomodations in Acapulco
We are planning a trip to Acapulco from 3/22/04 to 3/29/04 and would like to
find a 1 or 2 bedroom condo suitable for 3 adults, on the beach. If anyone
can help please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don Dowie tells us that his recent May Day in the NetLetter was succesful.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Taking a vacation in Rome?
Pick-up service by mini-van
From Ciampino and Fiumicino
airport in Rome directly to
your hotel by a private mini
van for eight/nine people at
max at a rate of Euro 68.00
in total
and from Rome to Civitavecchia where the cruise ships depart from -
From Civitavecchia dock to
your hotel in Rome by a
private mini van for eight/nine
people at max at a rate of
Euro 135.00 in total
(Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit or
Voyager Chrysler)

Flying to Rome from Stanstead in the U.K. via Ryanair, where the confirmed
seat can be cheaper than standby ZED fare!
Checked baggage allowance is 15kg per
person (no infant allowance). Maximum
weight per bag is 32 kilos. Passengers may
not use the unused allowances of others.
Any excess over 15kg. is chargeable at an
excess fee of £4/€6 per kilo (or local
currency equivalent). Ryanair requires that
all checked baggage is clearly identifiable
with your name and address and contact
numbers or alternatively your flight
confirmation number. Failure to comply with
this requirement will result in a significant
delay in the delivery of your baggage should
your baggage be misplaced.
Many items of sporting equipment including
but not limited to large fishing rods, golf
clubs, bicycles, surfboards, bodyboards,
snowboards and skis are inherently
unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating
fast turnrounds such as Ryanair. However,
upon payment of an additional charge of
£15/€25 (or local currency equivalent) per
sector (flight) and per item irrespective of
weight, Ryanair is prepared to carry such
items on a ‘Limited Release’ (i.e. entirely ‘at
your own risk’ for loss, damage or delay)
basis. You may therefore wish to ensure,
should you wish to ask Ryanair to carry
such equipment on this basis, that you have
suitable private insurance cover in force.
Due to space restrictions, we recommend
that all sports equipment is pre-booked and
pre-paid by calling your local reservation
centre, as not to do so may result in the item
being refused carriage at the airport. If the
fee is not paid at the time of booking or on
your outbound it will still be imposed on
your return journey.
Only one small piece of hand baggage (e.g.
handbag or briefcase), weighing not more
than 7kg and being less than 50cm x 35cm
x 23 cm (20 x 14 x 9ins) in dimensions is
allowed in the cabin.

Some deals offerred by Interliningplus -
"Experience the History and Culture of Ireland
10 Days - Trafalgar Tours - Best of Ireland Land Tour
June 25th to July 4th, 2004
$1525 CAD per person/double occupancy
February 15 - April 17: $69 USD
April 18 - July 9 / August 22 - December 24, 2004: $50 USD
February 1-April 7: $60 USD
Children Free until April 7
February 1-April 11: $75 USD
February 1-April 11: $92 USD
Feb 1 - Apr 10: $140 USD
Feb 1 - Mar 31: $116 USD
Feb 1 - 29: $98 USD
Mar 1 - Apr 10: $110 USD
All Inclusive Fitness Resort - Puerto Vallarta
January 5 - April 4: $70 USD

7 nights - Gulf of Alaska - Inside $399 USD
May 10, 24: Vancouver to Whittier
May 17: Whittier to Vancouver

7 nights - Gulf of Alaska - Inside $399 USD
May 17: Vancouver to Whittier
May 24: Whittier to Vancouver
Call Local phone: 604-606-1700 Toll Free: 1-800-665-3100
Fax: 604-606-1720
All rates are per person based on double occupancy - Port charges are
included taxes are additional, except when specified.
Mention you are a Pionair to avoid the administration fee.

Interline World Vacations has these deals on offer -

Princess Cruises aboard the Dawn Princess
12 Nights Grand Panama Canal - San Juan to Acapulco
Sailing April 18, 2004 Inside $699 ONLY
Princess Cruises aboard the Sun Princess
15 Nights Grand Panama Canal - Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco
Sailing April 29, 2004 - Inside $999
Princess Cruises aboard the Royal Princess
12 Nights Amazon River Ft. Lauderdale to Manaus, Brazil
Sailing March 25, 2004 Obstr. Outside $1199
Princess Cruises aboard the Pacific Princess
15 Nights South Pacific & French Polynesia &#8211; Sydney to Papeete
Sailing April 21 Inside 999, Outside $1099, Balcony $1299
Princess Cruises aboard the Star Princess
12 Nights Greek Isles - Venice to Rome
Sailing April 10 Inside $999, Outside $1199
Princess Cruises aboard the Star Princess
12 Nights Mediterranean Cruise- Rome to Venice
Sailing April 22 Inside $999, Outside $1199
For information and reservations, please call
INTERLINE WORLD VACATIONS AT 1-866-279-8480 toll free
or (604) 279-8482
---------------NO PROCESSING/BOOKING FEE------------------

" ' "

. Smilies.
Found on the internet -
From our "We aim to please" file:
While in the traffic pattern practicing touch and goes at Brown Airport in
San Diego, a student requested the option from the tower controller.
Her response: "Sure. Which option would you like?"

This is job dedication...
Late one dark and cloudy night I was flying northward across central
California. As Bakersfield Approach handed me back to LA Center the
controller said, "You are about to leave my airspace and the known

From our "the devil made me do it" file...
"It is not necessarily impossible for human beings to fly, but it so happens
that God didn't give them the knowledge of how to do it. It follows
therefore, that anyone who claims he can fly must have sought the aid of
the devil. To attempt to fly is therefore sinful."
-- Roger Bacon, a 13th-century philosopher

From our "can you tell us more" file:
Seen on an aircraft insurance quote request:
"Description of loss: Hard landing caused by altitude change."

From our "eye of the beholder" file...
Last Friday I had the pleasure of taking a co-worker for a ride in a
Cessna 152 after a very long workweek. She had never flown in a
general aviation aircraft before, was curious about everything, and made
some interesting observations that those of us who are around light planes
regularly don't think about any more. I made my way through the preflight
inspection, called "Clear!" and the engine growled to life.
"Sounds like a lawn mower," my companion observed.
She obviously mistook my look of interest in her perspective as one of
being insulted.
"Well, a big one," she said.

" ' "

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