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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 818 March 15th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Must know.
Tammy Stuebs of Employee Communications sends this information -
Check-in cut off time changed to and from all transborder and international
flights. In an effort to better serve our customers and meet a safe, secure
and on-time performance, starting tomorrow, March 13, the minimum check-in
cut off time for all transborder and international flights is now 40
minutes prior to departure. Exception: Flights leaving from Toronto to
international destinations where the minimum check-in time remains 60
minutes. All passengers, including all travel privilege holders, are asked
to ensure that they are at the airport by the recommended times, as
published on , and have checked-in by this revised
cut-off time. Please note that travel privilege holders are recommended to
book flights that have more than 40 minutes connection time between them,
as you will be required to check-in for each flight.
Employee travel to Santiago and Sao Paulo is tricky. Due to the high volume
of passengers travelling to and from Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil
during the peak spring break period, employee travel to these vibrant
cities is very difficult. Also, while flights may appear to have open
seats, you may run the risk of being unable to board the aircraft because
of cargo loads or weight restrictions. Therefore, to avoid travel
complications or disappointments, we recommend that you have a vacation
back up plan. Either make alternate travel bookings on other carriers,
prior to departure, or chose a different destination. Also, please remember
to always bring paper flight coupons with you in the event you are
travelling to or through a non-DCS station, a station not handled by Air
Canada. In some instances, if you don't have a paper ticket when one is
required, you may be refused travel. Also, don't worry about whether you
need to use the old or new ticket stock as both are accepted.

" ' "
. Need to know.
Tammy Stuebs of Employee Communications sends this information for those
travelling to Israel -
1. Information from government advisories (Canada, USA, U.K.) and Air Canada:
Israel has increased security along the green line that separates its
territory from the West Bank. A leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
warned Israel to expect revenge attacks as thousands attended the funeral
of victims of Israeli air strike.
As usual, employees/retirees should maintain a high level of personal
security awareness at all times, as the security situation could
deteriorate rapidly without notice. At this time, we recommend that
employees/retirees avoid large gathering, public and open markets. Public
transportation should not be used.
Employees/retirees should review their security practices, exercise
appropriate caution/vigilance, and avoid crowded places and bus/train
stations. From time to time, Israeli authorities issue warnings of specific
threats. Visitors should take seriously such warnings an act on any advice
they may receive.
Carry passport and money separately. Video cameras, laptop computers among
other items, must be declared upon entry and travelers carrying these items
must go through the red zone at customs. You should carry a Canadian
passport (valid for a period of at least six months) and keep a photocopy
of your passport's identification page with you. Do not leave parcels/bags
2. Health issues:
While travelling in Israel, you should observe health precautions similar
to those that would apply while travelling in the United States and Canada.
3. Assessment by Corporate Security Risk Management:
We also suggest that our employees/retirees should follow the orders of
police and security officials at all times and avoid casual comments about
security measures that could be misinterpreted in these tense times. Even
if attacks in Israel are not aimed at foreigners or Canadian interests in
Israel or abroad, we must nevertheless emphasize that employees are
strongly advised to take appropriate precautionary measures during their
stay in Tel Aviv when applicable.
In cases of emergencies, the following numbers can be used in Tel Aviv: 100
for Police, 101 for Ambulance and 102 for Fire.
(Some editting has been done - eds)

" ' "

. Vesta, our chief pilot, sends this -

"from Jay McGown YYJ. who helped me set up "the NetLetter" many
years ago.
Jay took a leave of absence from AC to fly for a small carrier in Japan.
And now he writes
They have a similar approach to WestJet but fly B767's. I am still in
training. Working for a Japanese carrier is quite an experience.
Six months of training before being let loose on the line, even though I am
already B767qualified.
There are 5 Air Canada pilots over here at the moment on
contract. Most of us are on Leave of Absence though I suspect several may
retire here. The flying is almost exclusively domestic with the maximum leg
about 2 hours. Most of the time we manage to return to Tokyo, and home,(to
a hotel room)
after work but there are occasional layovers in such exotic spots as
Fukuoka, Kagoshima, and Tokoshima. Kagoshima (RJFK) has an active volcano
about 10 miles south of the airport!
I am in the last two months of training and should be finished the middle of
April then, a week of recuperation back in Victoria. We all miss home, but
are kept quite busy here and do a lot of exploring on days off. Thank you
for all you do keeping our Air Canada family connected.
Attached is a picture I took of Mt. Fuji from my hotel room window!
Jay in Japan
(ps if anyone wants to see the attachment Jay speaks of request it by a
separate e-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) it's about 183kb."

" ' "

. News from the districts.
From: "yvan lamoureux" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: golf tournaments yqb
An upcoming event in Quebec City June 17 2004. Golf tournament at the Royal
Charbourg 95.00$ per person the proceeds go to "Dreams Take Flight". The
tournament is hosted by "Dreams Take Flight" Quebec city Air Canada based
More info contact Martine or Yvan Lamoureux 418-455-5311

" ' "

. May Day.
Lalitha's recent request for accommodations in FRA received this response -
From: "John Vellinga" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: FRA Hotel
Over the past several years, I have travelled through FRA many times and
occasionally had to do a stopover. After some exploring, I found the
following one:
TOP Hotel Post Frankfurt, Sindlinger Bahnstrasse 12-16, Frankfurt D-65931
Tel. +49.69.370.10
This hotel is located in the quiet village of Sindlinger about 20 minutes
by bus from FRA airport. They operate a free shuttle to and from the
airport. The last time I stayed there was with my son and daughter-in-law.
We took one room with two double beds. I think we paid about $119 Cdn for
the three of us. I believe that included a continental breakfast which is
normal in Europe. They give a 10% airline discount.
Go to
for more information and photos of this hotel.
Remember, you must call the hotel to arrange the bus from FRA to
Sindlinger. The bus departs Sidlinger on a regular, convenient schedule.
Also, don't forget to ask for your discount.
BTW, if this hotel is not available or suitable, just go to the info desk
on the arrivals level at FRA for info regarding other hotels in the area.
They are very helpful.
Hope this helps. Happy travels.
John Vellinga (AC retired)

" ' "
. Terry's travel tips.
Some of the deals offered by Dargal -
Marina El Cid Hotel & Yacht Club ~ Mexico
1 Week from $272 per 1 Bedroom unit ~ You can take up to 3 non-Interline
friends or family members with you!
Shell Vacations Club at Paniolo Greens ~ Hawaii
1 Week from $572 per 2 Bedroom unit ~ You can take up to 5 non-Interline
friends or family members with you!
Cedar Lake Country Resort ~ Australia
1 Week from $572 per 2 Bedroom unit ~ You can take up to 5 non-Interline
friends or family members with you!
Club Med Crested Butte ~ Colorado
Book by March 31 and Dargal will pay your Club Med Membership Fee! (Applies
to primary Interline guest only)
Now to Apr 2: 3 Night Stay from $358, Extra Nights from $120 per night
Grand Flamenco Puerto Plata by Occidental ~ Dominican Republic
Now to Mar 31: 3 Night Stay from $222, Extra Nights from $71 per night
Breezes Runaway Bay ~ Jamaica
Now to Apr 2: 3 Night Stay from $438, Extra Nights from $143
Taxes, fees and Dargal’s $20 Service Charge per room are additional.
*** ALASKA ***
May 12 ~ 7 Nights ~ Carnival ~ Carnival Spirit
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C.; return
Inside $649, Oceanview $799, Balcony $949
Friends & Family can book up to three additional staterooms!
Friends & Family Inside $699, Friends & Family Oceanview $839, Friends &
Family Balcony $989
May 17 ~ 7 Nights ~ Princess ~ Sun Princess
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C. to Whittier, Alaska
Inside $399
April 27 ~ 5 Nights ~ Norwegian ~ Norwegian Sun
ITINERARY: Los Angeles, California; A  Sea; Seattle, Washington; Victoria,
B.C.; Vancouver, B.C.
Oceanview $329, Balcony $379, Mini Suite $549
May 2 ~ 6 Nights ~ Royal Caribbean ~ Radiance of the Seas
ITINERARY: San Diego, California; At Sea; San Francisco, California; At
Sea; Astoria, Oregon; Victoria, B.C.; Vancouver, B.C
Oceanview $409, Balcony $489
For more information on these and other Dargal Interline specials:
Call Toll Free: 1-800-690-3223
Ask for Patti Gordon ext 212
International Toll Free: (International Access Code)-800-2832-7425
Fax: (250) 861-3283

" ' "
. Smilies.

For those who may not know, ORD is the code for
Chicago's O'Hare  airport.  It's a busy place, and home to some of the
finest air traffic  controllers in the world.  These top 40 real
transmissions were  collected by, and are reprinted with the permission
of, John Carr of  NATCA at the old O'Hare TRACON.  Many thanks!

"Expect lower at the end of this transmission."

"Citation 123, if you quit calling me center, I'll
quit calling you
twin  Cessna."

"About three miles ahead you've got traffic 12
o'clock, five miles."

"If you hear me, traffic no longer a factor."

"You got him on TCAS? Great. When you're seven in
resume  normal speed and call Chicago Center on

"I am way too busy for anybody to cancel on me."

"You got any more smart remarks, we can be doing this
over South Bend ... go ahead."

"You're gonna have to key the mike. I can't see you
when you nod your head."

"It's too late for Louisville. We're going back to

"Put your compass on 'E' and get out of my airspace."

"Don't anybody maintain anything.

"Caution wake turbulence you're following a heavy 12
o'clock, three no, let's make it five miles."

"Climb like you're life depends on it ... because it

"If you want more room Captain, push your seat back."

"For radar identification throw your jumpseat rider
out the

"Air Force one, I told you to expedite."

"Listen up gentlemen, or something's gonna happen
that none of us wants to see. Besides that, you're
(tickin') me

" ' "

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