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NetLetter #1438 May 23, 2020
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Dash 8 Q100

Air Creebec Dash 8 Q100
Photo by Juke Schweizer

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tmb self careThere is nothing helpful that we can say concerning the COVID-19 virus but it is impossible not to acknowledge that it is affecting all of our lives.

We wish to thank you for allowing us to share a bit of your time and we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy during this difficult time.

The NetLetter Team

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We always welcome feedback about Air Canada (including Jazz and Rouge) from our subscribers who wish to share current events, memories and photographs.

Particularly if you have stories to share from one of the legacy airlines: Canadian Airlines, CP Air, Pacific Western, Eastern Provincial, Wardair, Nordair, Transair and many more (let us know if we have omitted your airline).

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tmb warr emblem

This year's event is tentatively planned for October in Waikiki, Hawaii

Below are highlights of Air Canada's participation for the 2019 World Airline Road Race held at Amsterdam on September 7, 2019.

Following were on the podium for Air Canada:

10k Women
Women overall - 2nd - Melina Renaud
Women over 70 - 1st - Joan Stibbard

5k Women
Women 20-29 - 2nd - Melina Renaud
Women over 70 - 1st - Joan Stibbard

Also competing from Air Canada:

Andrea Aniceto, Sharon Ayee, Gregory Bayang, Charlotte Birmingham, Craig Bogden, Judy Byrne, Hn Cannon, Simon Cercel, Marguerite Cote Gilbert, Armi Dedick, Shannon Donoghue, Ania Edwards, Lois Eibl, Sabrina Elliott, Deborah Eng, Patricia Erdel, Mary Follo, Bruno Gaudette, Judith Gooden, Violeta Gutoiu, Karen Houston, David Houston, Suzanne Huva, Jody James, Deon John, Jacqueline Keir, Barbara Legun, Bernadette Lynch, Scott McCaul, Nancy McKay, Rose McLean, Kellye McPhee, Carol Menevissis, Michael Muller, Marilyn Oldfield, Polina Pelinovskaia, Anna Marie Pellizzari, Lorna Pryce, Gary Pryce, Ranee Raja, Melina Renaud, Bolwin Rochester Lewis, Clifford Russell, Juan Saavedra, Mayce Sabatino, Kim Salerno, Reanna Schouten, Teri Seaboyer, Deborah Sinasac, Joanne Smith, Tiffany Smitz, Magdalena Sobkowska, Joan Stibbard, Mari Sugiyama, Debra Umpleby, Judy Vitek, Alison Wright and Irina Yarzon.

Representing Jazz were:

Peter Chick, Doug Forrest, Alberto Franco, Tanya Hadel, Donette Igwemezie, Anita Johnson, Merlane Quon, Donna Reid and Tyler Van Der Zee.

Representing Rouge were:

Lancelot Lorioz and Victoria Rose McLean.

click here orangefor full race results

Reader's Feedback

Subscriber Feedback

After reading the article by Aron Charad in NetLetter #1437 about the earlier distribution of the "WACA News", we asked Aron if there really were 1000's of newsletters issued and this was Aron's response:

"Yes, back then, there were thousands of WACA members around the world. I got involved in 1976 or 77. My first trip was to a bowling tournament in Hamburg, Germany.

At that time, there were (if memory serves me correctly) 27 clubs just in the US and Canada, including Jamaica. Montreal alone had over 1500 members (I was the membership chairman).

I think only Vancouver was larger in the North American region. The smallest club we had was Ottawa. I met some great people from around the world who I am still close with today. Couldn’t tell you how many clubs around the world back then, but they were everywhere.

I always said you could walk into any airport in the world and mention the name Gerry Philbrook (Air Canada's Bureau Director and President of WACA at the time) and you would get the warmest welcome ever; everyone knew Gerry.

The Montreal club had a 'Sugaring Off' event in 1980 and 1981. I think it was the 81 event that drew members from 54 clubs around the world. There was a broomball game between Israel and Egypt!!!

It is a much smaller organization now, mostly retirees. So yes, thousands of members around the world. And everyone, somehow, got an edition of WACA News. I never knew a number. At least 100 clubs".

(Editors Note: Serving 100 member clubs and 70,000 Interline members on 6 continents.)

Aron sent this information and photo –

(Editors Note: Published in "Horizons" magazine issue dated August 17, 1981).

tmb 550 waca hq opening

The WACA Headquarters at the IATA offices in Montreal was opened in 1981.

Pictured above is the opening of the WACA Headquarters Office of the World Airlines Clubs Association.

Kneeling from left to right are: 

Gordon Young, Manager, Production Office Services; George Uhrin, WACA President's Working Committee, (AC); Joseph Ledwos Manager, WACA Headquarters Office; Aron Charad, WACA President's Working Comittee, (AC); Peter Gabbert, Secretary General - WACA (JL) - Detroit); Ian Tomlinson, Regional Vice President, Near East Africa - WACA (RG - Durban).

Standing from left to right are:

Blake Sheldrake, Director, Personnel Administration, IATA; Jean Lavers, Manager, Personnel, IATA; Ron Blake, IATA; Guy Perillard, Regional Vice President, Europe - WACA (SK - Geneva);
Sid Tearle, Regional Vice President, North America - WACA (EA - Miami); Grace Richmond, Regional Vice President, Latin Amrica & Caribbean - WACA (BW - Port Of Spain); Claude Loiselle - WACA President's Working Committee (AC); Allan Black, Corporate Secretary, IATA; David Larkin, Vice President, Procedures - WACA (BA - London, Eng); Colleen Wagner - WACA Vice President, Public Relations - WACA (SR - Johannesburg); Lutz Keck, Treasurer - WACA (LH - Frankfurt); Gerry Philbrook, President (AC - Montreal); Chiku Advani, Regional Vice President, Far East Australasia - WACA (GA - Bombay); Peter Burger, John Lupien and Julio Seiz, Members of the WACA President's Working Committee.


Aron P. Charad

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

UK Pionairs Christmas lunch report sent in by Jack Morath.

Held on December 1, 2019 at the Ship Hotel in Weybridge.

About 100 attended and at each table everyone received a pound coin and a Lotto scratch card. If anyone got a large amount as winnings they were not about to admit it.

A bottle of red and a bottle of white wine were at each table, which held 10 people. Our Christmas lunch team, who helped make a success of the occasion, consisted of Maggie Boto-White, Nickie Collings and Jane Wilson.  John and Teresa Glew organized the raffle. Also, helping on the day,  were Maggie's husband Cyril and my wife Aureen.

Here we have this photo of the Pionair executive:

Maggie Boto-White, Assistant Director; Gerald White, Director; Nickie Collings, Treasurer; Teresa and John Glew; Jane Wilson; Jack Morath, Social Secretary and Mike Judkins, former Director.

tmb 550 lhr pionairs christmas

Neil Burton sends these two photos:

A Transair travel bag and luggage tag of a former travel agent of Lynn Travel Ltd., Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Item was picked up in an auction of travel items (possibly in 2008, or earlier).

Neil Burton, April 16, 2020.

tmb transair bag  tmb transair badge

Sally Rouse sends these photos of her farewell party on September 1994, with 30 years and 10 months service, at YUL Computer and System Services (C&SS).

From there she went to work in Finance for Customer Invoicing and retired from Air Canada on April 1, 2001 with a total of 37 years and 5 months service.

tmb sally rouse 1Maria Camerlain, Sally Rouse and Edith Gal.
tmb sally rouse 2Peter Thomson, Sally Rouse, Jim Drury and Pierre Garon.
tmb sally rouse 2Jack Mclean, James Laxton, Sally Rouse, Joe Flaig, Joe Richard and Al Hertz.

Remember When

  Remember When

tmb 550 tulip festival

May 5, 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945. 

The Netherlands has sent tulips to Ottawa since 1945 in gratitude to Canada for sheltering future Queen Juliana and her family during WW2. 

Princess Juliana gave birth to Princess Margriet at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in January 1943. The maternity ward was temporarily declared to be extraterritorial by the Canadian government, thereby allowing Princess Margriet's citizenship to be solely influenced by her mother's Dutch citizenship.

Bob Sheppard adds the following personal comments concerning Canada's role in the liberation of The Netherlands.

"My Dad was injured near Nijmagen, (the oldest city in the Netherlands) during the fighting. Took some shrapnel and was sent back to England for recovery, which included treatment with penicillin. He also contracted tuberculosis and was in a sanatorium on his return to Canada. Had to be routinely tested for many years. He never talked about his wartime experience as I think it was too traumatic. He would have been 19 years old".

Retired Ottawa Passenger Service Agent, Claire Bertrand, sent us the three photographs below showing herself receiving bouquets of tulips from His Excellency, Tho. H. Bot, the Netherlands Ambassador.

Claire had this honour for three consecutive years 1970 to 1972. The tulips were then carried by Air Canada to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on behalf of the Capital Region Tourist Council of Ottawa.

The Tulip Festival has been an annual event since 1953 and, thanks to technology, can be enjoyed again this year on the festival's website

you tube linkTulip Festival YouTube channel
you tube linkA special message from H.R.H. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands

Please see the links below for further references:

Tulip Festival Official website

Canadian Encyclopedia

Ottawa Tourism


tmb 250 claire bertrand 01 tmb 250 claire bertrand 02
The colour photograph below is from the 1972 festival where Liberace (seated in the centre) gave the opening concert.
tmb 550 claire bertrand 03


Women in Aviation

August 29, 1911: Hilda Hewlett became the first English woman to earn a pilot's license. She later became the first woman to teach her child to fly in the same year.

tmb hewlettHilda Beatrice Hewlett (17 February 1864 – 21 August 1943) was an early aviator and aviation entrepreneur.

She was the first British woman to earn a pilot's licence. She founded and ran two related businesses: the first flying school in the United Kingdom, and a successful aircraft manufacturing business which produced more than 800 aeroplanes and employed up to 700 people. She later immigrated to New Zealand. 

(Source: of women in aviation)

AC News

Air Canada News

Jazz Aviation becomes first to use Dash 8-400 freighter conversion modifications.

Canadian regional airline Jazz is purchasing up to 13 Simplified Package Freighter conversion kits for its 74-seat De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 turboprops.

The operator is working with Air Canada Cargo towards deploying the first updated aircraft in May 2020.

(Source: Air Canada Media Room)

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

Air New Zealand celebrated its 80th birthday March 31, 2020.

Despite recent turbulence experienced by the aviation industry, in its video below, Air New Zealand takes a moment to reflect on some of the special memories it’s shared with customers both at home and abroad over the past eight decades.


you tube linkCelebrating our 80th birthday


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

Donation of power plants.

During 2013, Air Canada Maintenance sought to dispose of two surplus engines but, rather than sell them for scrap, the engines were donated to two Ontario community colleges for aviation technician programs.

The colleges welcomed the donations because they can be used to provide students hands-on, practical training.

Another educational initiative is Air Canada’s ongoing support of the Centre for Labour Management Studies at Ryerson University.

David McLean helps transfer the engine to Glen Burgess from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician Program at Centennial College. 

(Source: Citizens of the World 2013 edition)

tmb 550 power plant donation

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events. Started in NetLetter #1419.


1965 - Inventing the black box.

tmb black boxThe airline helps make history in 1965 by assisting Midas and Royston Instruments, an English electronics company, to develop the multichannel flight recorder, the world's first black box.

1966 - Letter from a flight attendant.

tmb letter from flt attdt"When I joined the airline in 1966, we were called stewardesses and we wore the green uniform with the rounded hats perched on our heads and black leather eight-button length gloves. Our hair couldn't touch our collar, our lipstick could not have a shine and we had to wear a girdle.

My favourite airplane to fly in those days was the Viscount. The airplane was a joy to fly in with its large oval windows and generous seating. Not everyone could afford to fly in those days and it was a big deal for passengers.

Security at airports was non-existent and you could go right up to the windows and watch the planes arrive and depart and wave to your loved ones. We used to stand proudly at the top of the air stairs and wave to the air traffic controllers in the tower at our station stops".

tmb 550 horizons classic
Issue dated June 1990.

Our customer service staff at Newark include (back row left to right):

Customer Service Agents Maxine Freeman-Ficktin, Dotty Gibau and Mary Ellen Kein; Deborah DeWalt-Kiala, Supervisor; Customer Service Agents Alicia Moftah, Lorraine McNicholas, Philip Bruno, Maggie Karageorge, Connie Johnson and Lorraine Selecky.

And in front are (same order):

Walter Heckman, Supervisor; Customer Service Agents Karen Robinson and Luz Ruiz; Toni Krispien, Aircraft Service Coordinator and Customer Service Agents Joan Saltanis and Gail Zaremba.

Missing from the photo are:

Customer Service Agents Manita Bailey, Mary Ann Zulueta, Herbert Zimmerman, Dennis Byrne, Sheela Terezian, Sue Grandt, George Ward, Tim Gustafson, Hal Farber, John Gileza and Lisa Pierce; Al Zeller, Airport Manager; Aircraft Service Coordinators Sydney Parris and Mike Fedewicz; Secretary Patti Paskow.

tmb 550 newark staff

Homeward bound.

Air Canada fin #204 will long occupy a special place in the memories of a group of Customer Care winners who took delivery of Air Canada's fourth A320 in Toulouse, France on Saturday March 17, 1990. 

Bright and early in the morning the group departed for Blagnac Airport and there on the tarmac sat the gleaming new plane. 

tmb 550 flt204

tmb flt204 crewThe In-Flight crew (left) of Janice Baptiste, Chantal Viau (seated), Bob Daoust and Bruno Ciaramicoli greeted the excited passengers. 

Up in the cockpit (below), Captains Gilles Larue and Jean Corbeil carried out final instrument checks.

Moments later, Air Canada fin #204 was thundering down the runway, lifting off and heading west.

tmb 550 flt204 cockpit

Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA) organizers meet.

Ottawa hosted the annual joint conference of ACRA Presidents and System Event Chairpersons.

In all, 25 Presidents and 14 Chairpersons got together to discuss activities for the betterment of their organization and interesting programs for members or participants.

The two newest 'ACRA's' are Charlottetown and Fredericton. We now have at least one 'ACRA' in each Canadian province as well as several international stations.

In the accompanying photo, President Pierre Jeanniot, who was guest of honour at the luncheon, is shown (third from right) with the Presidents and Chairpersons (or their representatives).

Also on hand were Gerry Philbrook, Manager, Employee Relations and Customer Care Development (front row, left) and Gail Ellis, Employee Services Coordinator (second from right).

tmb acraACRA presidents (or a representative) who attended the meeting included:

Sheila Snow-Cline (YVR), Rose Ortlieb (YEG), Diana Duval (YWG), Jeannie Lindo (YYZ), Jim Batten (YOW), Fern Villemarie (YUL), Ron Corbin (YSJ), Gordon Graham (YHZ), Peter Kemp (LHR), Cory Smith (LAX), Kathy Johnson (YQT), Louise Bariault (YQB), Coleman Stack (YYT), Frank Belliveau (YQM), Larry Lee (YXU), Duncan Butchart (YYC), Barbara Bermoth (FRA), Penny Cronin (YXE), Brent Chisan (YQR), Rodney Java (SFO), Robi Adaskes (NYC), Annie Villecrose (PAR), Mario De Souza (BOM), Dave Spence (YYG), Albert Finnan (YFC).

System Event Chairpersons (or their representative) in attendance included:

Ken Hansen (Curling), Brian Murray (Golf), Bill Saunders (Bowling), Mike McHenry (Art), Peter Lay (Soccer), Judy Smandych (Darts), Lucie Chabot-Gagnon (Softball), Janice Riccillo (Skiing). Gary Bauer (Tennis), Evan Quick (Squash), Barry Drinkle (Photography), Peter Phillips (ACE fly-in) and Richard Jackson (Badminton).

Issue dated July 1990.

Moncton celebrates 50 years of service.

Earlier in 1990, Moncton celebrated 50 years of passenger service by TCA/Air Canada.

Back in 1940 the arrival of TCA's silver winged L-14-H was an historic event both for Moncton and for Canada, as it marked the introduction of cross Canada airline service by Trans-Canada Air Lines. 

The launching of service to Moncton had an impact on the fledgling airline's bottom line. By the end of 1940, TCA recorded its first surplus - $539,263.

tmb moncton 50 staffOn hand to mark Moncton's 50th anniversary are (left to right):

Jean-Marc Trottier, Manager, Moncton; Barry MacInnes, General Manager, Atlantic Canada; Claude Taylor, Chairman of the Board; Kevin Gleeson, former Manager, Moncton and currently Manager, Airport Operations Control, Toronto; Dave Russell, Manager, New Brunswick and Morley Ryder, Sales Manager, Air Nova and a former Air Canada employee.

Issue dated October 1990.

A non-smoking airline.

When Air Canada announced back in July that, effective October 1, 1990, it would be introducing a smoke-free environment on all transatlantic and European flights, our Advertising and Promotion departments saw an opportunity to do some exciting promotional work.

In North America, where a growing number of people support the non-smoking trend, Air Canada’s announcement was greeted with praise and letters of commendation which have poured in from health departments, medical associations, other corporations and the media.

In a news bulletin, the Canadian Council on Smoking and Health congratulated Air Canada on its "courageous leadership" and urged its members to "patronize Air Canada in a show of support for this pioneering move".

A print ad, which ran for a three-week period in Canada's major dailies and financial newspapers and as an insert in Saturday newspapers, carried a serious yet tongue-in-cheek message aimed at both smokers and non-smokers: "On October 1 we quit smoking; really".

The accompanying text highlighted Air Canada's leadership role in pioneering non-smoking flights and its ongoing commitment to respond to customers' preference for a smoke-free environment.

Air Canada has been a pioneer in promoting non-smoking flights. Here are some of the non-smoking milestones that we've passed over the years:

April 1971 - Air Canada offered passengers a choice of smoking or non-smoking seats on its B-747 aircraft and soon extended this policy to all its domestic and international services.

April 1986 - Air Canada pioneered non-smoking flights in North America with the introduction of a three-month smoke-free trial on 39 of 72 daily Rapidair flights.

July 1986 - More than half of Air Canada's daily Rapidair frequencies became non-smoking flights.

April 1987 - Air Canada became the first major North American carrier to introduce the smoke-free concept in the US by expanding its non-smoking policy to flights between Toronto/Montreal and New-York.

October 1987 - Air Canada introduced the concept of non-smoking 'breaks” on flights of more than three hours.

September 1988 - Air Canada became the first Canadian airline to ban smoking on all its charter and scheduled flights within North America - including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, California and Mexico.

October 1990 - Air Canada became the first scheduled airline in the world to offer smoke-free flights between North America and Europe.

Below are some of the adverts for France, Zurich, Vienna and Germany.

 tmb 250 non smoking france  tmb 250 non smoking zurich
 tmb 250 non smoking vienna  tmb 250 non smoking germany


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner
1951 feb 1438Here we have this timetable from Queen Charlotte Airlines dated February 1951 from the collection of Bjorn Larsson.

Chipmunk CF-CXQ at Toronto Island.

It was one of a batch loaned by the DND to Canadian flying clubs to be used by wartime pilots to "keep current". 'CXQ', by then privately owned, had a bad ending at Vancouver airport on February 7, 1968.

That day a Standard Airways 707 on lease to CPA was landing from Honolulu, when pilot disorientation due to a sudden fog resulted in a dreadful crash. The 707 went out of control, careered across the airfield, plowing up cars, parked planes and buildings, "CXQ" included.

A Globe and Mail report quoting the head of Standard Airways said, "Neither the captain nor the control tower had been aware of this fog. Then, suddenly, all hell broke out".

The report adds, "The plane slewed right, away from the terminal, crashed through a wire fence, burying its nose in the Aviation Electric Pacific Ltd. building." One of the 707 crew and a man on the ground were killed.

(Source: via Larry Milberry from the collection of Al Martin

tmb 550 chipmunk cf cxq

tmb info canadian
Issue September 1991.

Intair to cease operations.

Intair ceased charter operations November 3, 1991. The charter operations were all that remained after the Montreal-based airline sold its turboprop assets to Canadian Regional Airlines in March and kept its five Fokker 100 aircraft and operated charters.

Canada to end Singapore pact.

Canada has announced it will cancel an agreement allowing Singapore Airlines (SIA) to fly Singapore to Toronto.

Federal Transport Minister Jean Corbeil said the decision is because SIA's Singapore-Vienna-Amsterdam-Toronto turnaround service is drawing mostly Europe-Canada traffic providing unfair competition for Canadian carriers. He said the one-year notice of termination should prompt renewed negotiations between the countries.

Air Canada which has the rights to fly to Singapore, voluntarily ended its service in January 1991.

Issue dated April 1993.

Super Hub.

Hawaii employees have been instrumental in the continued success of the Honolulu "Super hub," through which customers destined for the South Pacific must travel.

From the left, Ron Mitsuyoshi, Rachel Sambueno, Claire Lubick, Charlie Dacoscos, Al Sunn, Emily Butin and Mimi Foxx.

Back row center, Steve Cariaga, Yvonne Lau, Georgie Ho, Jennifer Salviejo; back row, Richard Shozuya, Richard Abiva and Karen Machida.

tmb 550 cpa hawaii employees

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Our video comes from the JustPlanes YouTube channel and brings us along with a flight deck view from Whitehorse to Vancouver.
tmb ac express featured video

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Air Transat donates medical equipment at its disposal.

Air Transat recently donated more than 44,000 masks and 301,000 gloves to the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Confusion Clouds International Air Travel.

Aviation Week & Space Technology 100+ Years Archives, April 8, 1963.

tmb confusionU.S. wins some backing on IATA fares, but new delay in aviation policy release stirs uncertainty abroad.

Relations among nations involved in international air transportation became chaotic last week as an open-rate situation appeared on Atlantic and Pacific routes and the new U.S. international policy for civil aviation again became bogged down at the White House.

As of late last week, the bitter fare conflict has plunged the industry into wide-spread confusion, making it difficult to determine the exact stand each government was taking. This much was clear, however: the U.S. now is not facing the solid opposition it originally confronted.

(Source: April 8, 2020)

Cascadia Air was set to be the newest small-scale commercial airline in B.C. this spring, but due to COVID-19, it's focusing on transporting essential goods, services and personnel to the province's more remote communities.

Jeremy Barrett, the COO and chief pilot of the Campbell River-based company, said it became evident in March that launching the service as planned would be difficult.

Barrett, along with other senior pilots on the fleet's team, has experience piloting air ambulances. He said the best thing they could do was switch to a more cargo-based emergency service for the duration of the pandemic.

The airline will be providing Rapid Emergency Air Delivery - or READY - services to remote communities on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Haida Gwaii and the Interior.

Barrett said "Right now, the biggest call we see are food items that are critical," he said. "Some places are unable to get common items like sanitizers, disinfectant materials and personal protective equipment."

(Source: May 5, 2020)

tmb air italyName this airline – answer below.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

 Air Creebec's Inspirational Message

Air Creebec was established in 1982 by the then chief of the Waskaganish Quebec Cree, Billy Diamond.

The Cree nation owned 51% of the company in partnership with Austin Airways, who owned the other 49%, until 1988 when the Cree negotiated a deal to purchase all company assets. The airline remains wholly aboriginal owned today and continues to provide vital service to the north from its base at Val d’Or, Quebec.

The airline is only one of Billy Diamond’s many accomplishments in a remarkable life.

Born in a tent near Rupert House, Quebec, he was forced to attend a residential school in Moose Factory, Ontario. Despite his situation, he displayed leadership skills and organized an Indian Student Council while in high school in Sault Ste. Marie.

He returned to Waskaganish after graduation where he was elected Chief in 1970 at the age of 21, the youngest Chief in Canada. He was later elected Grand Chief of the Cree in 1974 and would represent the Cree at the Assembly of First Nations. He later helped negotiate sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

My interest in Air Creebec and its origins for this edition began when I received a notification of the video below posted by Mark Brandon.

Painted on the fuselage of a Dash 8 are the words:
“Ça va bien aller”, “It’s going to be ok”.

As Mark mentions in his description, this is a very nice touch for these tough times.

Considering the humble beginnings and accomplishments of the airline’s founder, it is also a very inspirational message.


Air Creebec at Wikipedia

Billy Diamond at Wikipedia

tmb 550 air creebec video


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Plans for Quarantining Arriving International Passengers in Spain and the UK.

Both Spain and the UK plan to impose mandatory 14-day quarantine periods on all international arrivals. Travellers breaking the new rules face criminal charges and even deportation.

While it accepted that health must remain the top priority for both the industry and passengers, European Regions Airline Association (ERA) said that “a more united and interconnected approach, without the need for restricted quarantine measures, would allow aviation, together with the tourism sectors, to restart.”

(Source: (Registration required) - May 13, 2020)

Central Airlines.

tmb cessna 172In late 1955 the Cessna 170 was replaced by the Cessna 172, a design that brought a whole new look to the Cessna line.

Gone were Cessna's classic curved "tail feathers" and "tail dragger"' look. As you can see in this view, Cessna switched to a new squared-off look, plus tricycle gear with steerable nose wheel. The new plane came on the market at $8,750.

The Wong brothers of Central Airways were quick to recognize where things in their world of aviation were heading, so immediately ordered one of the first 172's — CF-IKB. Current owner, Jim Bray, notes, "CF-IKB came off the line at Cessna on October 28, 1955 and left for Canada on November 3, 1955". Al's view includes the Central Airways office. He probably set this up deliberately. In 1956 I was in Air Cadets in Toronto at 172 Squadron. My first ever airplane flight was in "CF-IKB".

Today, Jim, who has owned it for 35 years, keeps "CF-IKB' at Brantford, Ontario. In 2020 its airframe time is a bit less than 6000 hours. The initial production batch of 172's totaled 1,178. Since then more than 45,000 have been delivered. 

(Source: via Larry Milberry from the collection of Al Martin

Answer for the mystery airline in Odds and Ends.

Air Italy was a privately owned airline, and Italy's second largest carrier. It was established in 2018, when it merged with Meridiana to form the new Air Italy.

Unfortunately. this livery will soon disappear as the airline ceased operations  in February and is now being liquidated.


Air Italy at Wikipedia



tmb 556 cartoon 1438Our cartoon, by Dave Mathias, appeared in the "Horizons" magazine issue July 1980.


The NetLetter Team
 Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker

Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
Richmond, British Columbia - December 2019
(Bob Sheppard was not available for the photograph)

Vesta Stevenson Alan Rust

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Vesta Stevenson and Alan Rust.
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