Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter Since 1995

Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Ken Starnes has sent us a group of photos of the Aircraft Maintenance Retirement Party held at the  Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club in Dorval  in  1983 which appeared in NetLetter nr 1338, here are some more –

tmb TommyVanStokkomJohn  Doljar , Mrs. VanStokkom , Mrs. Doljar , Tommy VanStokkom Foreman Aircraft Maintenance . (Retiree)
tmb dave marleauSam Gatelaro , Phil Whittingstall , Mrs. Marleau , Mrs. Whittingstall , Dave Marleau General Foreman Finishing Shop ( Retiree )
tmb Bill SimSam Gatelaro, Mrs B. Sim, Bill Sim Finishing Foreman, Merle Wolfe  Secretary

Ian and Agnes Jackson has sent us this photo - 
tmb dc 8 deliveryDC8 instructor, Captain Ian Jackson shown here shaking hands with Douglas Rep, Jim Pintas, while taking delivery of our second DC8 with modified door in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On the left, John Bradshaw, Toronto Supervisor; Jim Pintas; Don McKay, AC DC 8 engineer; Gerry Spraklin, Ian Jackson, and (an unknown) AC Maintenance Representative, Tulsa.

Jack Stephens has sent us this e-mail he received from Don Heron regarding Don's father George Heron and he also forwarded us some photos which Don had provided..

George K Heron was born in Toronto in 1910 and became very proficient in ham radio as a hobby. He hired on with Trans Canada Air Lines in Toronto in 1938 and was immediately assigned to early familiarization flights to ensure the radios worked as intended and to improve the radio systems. George was then transferred to the TCA maintenance base in Winnipeg. After WW 2 broke out, he was transferred with his new wife, Margaret, to Montreal to support radio maintenance for TCA’s role in the Return Ferry Service. After the war, George and his family was transferred back to Winnipeg where he spent the balance of his career headquartered at the TCA maintenance base in the field of radio and electronics.

Here is a series of scans and a word document with captions of photos in one George’s photo albums from the era.

Don Heron, Calgary.

tmb st hubert startupTCA operations at Montreal were from St. Hubert airport in Quebec. Here we have this photo taken in October 1938.

tmb cf tce maltonWith his move to Toronto, George took these photos of CF-TCE getting prepared for an Eastern Canada familiarization tour in October 1938.

tmb cf tce malton orlando heron A photo of CF-TCE with Don's grandfather Orlando Heron and the hired person who helped Orlando's wife.
tmb cf tce george heronOne photo has CF-TCE with George Heron, in white coveralls, who was the radio specialist on the tour.
tmb north bay ontSome of the stops on the tour included North Bay, Ontario
tmb armstrong ontGeorge Heron helping with refuelling at Armstrong, Ontario

tmb WagamingWagaming Ontario, which was listed on the original TCA timetable as "Service Stop when Necessary", was also on the tour.

(George Heron's next move was to Winnipeg, and we have some of his photos which will be in NetLetter nr 1340 – eds).