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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Ken Pickford, refers to NetLetter nr 1338, regarding the PWA timetable item quoted below:

1963 – June -Timetable from PWA announcing the first service in Canada between Edmonton and Calgary. That makes it sound like it was the first Edmonton-Calgary air service. While it was PWA's first service on the route, TCA operated Edmonton-Calgary for at least 23 years prior to PWA starting their "Airbus" no reservations shuttle service in 1963.

By then TCA had around 5 Viscounts a day from Edmonton International Airport (YEG) to Calgary, while PWA had remained at the more convenient Municipal Airport (YXD) near the city centre when YEG opened in 1960. At the peak of the PWA "Airbus" service sometime in the late 1970s, they had around 15 daily 737s in each direction on the route.

Coincidentally, my first-ever flight at about age 9 was on a TCA Viscount from YXD to YYC around 1956.

Regards, Ken

In NetLetter nr 1338, the article in "Wayne's Wings" about Wardair aircraft prompted Alan Evans in South Africa to send this information - Been a while since we have been in communiqué.

However I saw the article on the Airbus 310 bought by Wardair. I might add a bit to that in so much as I understand the 310 were bought from South African Airways.

The pilots were trained here. But the ironical side of that is that the world was sanctioning South Africa and all its products, including not being able to fly across Africa. Ward bought these Airbuses under the political sanctioned curtain so to say, and it’s a mystery how it was all organised. It was believed they were sold to a company in France which apparently Max owned. Farm possibly. Wards pilots were handsomely entertained out here, as is our custom. Just a bit of scuttle bug.

Cheers hope you are well - Alan

My "Wayne's Wings" artiicle in NetLetter nr 1340 contained misinformation concerning the circumstances of the B747-400 entry into service.

Captain Dennis Giguere sent along this clarification -

The Air Canada B747-400 combis were delivered to Air Canada from storage in the Mojave Desert by newly trained Air Canada pilots in the April 1992 and entered service shortly thereafter flying to CDG / LHR and FRA. Hollis Harris had just taken over as CEO and he wanted them in service ASAP.

I was one of the newly trained captains. Half of us were trained at Boeing and the rest at NATCO in MSP. Service to Asia began in 1994 to Seoul then Osaka and finally Hong Kong as I remember.

Dennis Giguere

We thank Captain Giguere for sharing his personal experience - Wayne

E. Murray Wadden who was a Manager in Fredericton and is now retired sends this memory -

"Long B4 I became a TCA/AC Employee , I worked with the Bank of Montreal and was transferred from YQY to YJT; my Dad was in His final Days of Life and I had a Lady Friend I wished to remain 'close to ' !; thus I flew home many week-ends for several months!

On more than one occasion our Home phone would ring and the Voice on the other end would say: are you going back to YJT today! The aircraft was a Vanguard, a Cargo carrying and passenger carrying ' Work Horse " !... which fortunately required more Ramp Time to unload than a usual Passenger on/off Load ! NEVER Missed a Day’s Work at the Bank!

Thanks to Passenger Service FAR Above and BEYOND !"