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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

1982 - 

May 29 - Air Canada and United Airlines commenced a small package service called United Air Express.

June 26 - The fourth annual Air Canada Employees light aircraft fly-in (aka A.C.E. Fly-in) took place at Bernie and Alison Brennan's farm airstrip 45 minutes NW of Toronto.

tmb horizons emblemLifted from the "Horizons" magazine issue dated April 1982.

tmb retirement hawaii styleA happy landing awaited Captain Ben Wyman when his charter flight arrived in Honolulu. In honour of Ben's last flight before going into retirement, Janet Lock, wife of Honolulu Station Manager Alan Lock, presented him with a lei made of red carnations and a cake. 

Adding their best wishes were members of his crew. Shown clockwise from Captain Wyman in the centre are: Lindley Bunting, Kristen Clarkson, Warran Wallace and Max Gamboa in the background; Erika Herzig, Marjorie Reynolds, Dorothy Coull, Deane McGowan, Nicolle Elliott is in front of Dorothy Summers, Marion Lunt, Terry Tedford in front of Gil Brasseur, Francine Julien, Norbert Wachter in front of Janet and Alan Lock.

Issue June 1982.

tmb air canada silver broom emblemThese eleven flight attendants were involved in The World Curling Championship for the Air Canada Silver Broom held at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany during the summer of 1982.

tmb silver broom 1982In this photo are, seated from the left: Sigrun Cowan, Vancouver; Janis Ballanger, Toronto; Maridee Coulter, Calgary; Monique Collard, Montreal and Deborah Danyluik, Calgary.

Standing: Jocelyne Lalonde, Montreal; Ingrid Rigby, Vancouver; Karla Preston, Toronto; Elaine Toms, Winnipeg; Janice Miller, Toronto and Linda Tanner, Halifax.

From the 1987 “Report to Employees”, we have selected these photos -

tmb brian doyleIn 1987 at Halifax we have, from the left: Ramp Service Supervisor Brian Doyle, Station Attendants Bonny Hignoy, Ron Clark and Bruce Thompson.

tmb bill dearIn Ottawa 1987 we have, from the left: Ramp Service Supervisor Bill Dear, Acting Lead Station Attendant Stephen Cable and Station Attendant Gaetan Courchesne.
tmb jim macculloughHere we have Station Attendants Jim MacCullough and Gary Schur in Vancouver 1987
tmb lance farrerPurser Lance Farrer and Flight Attendants Marilyn Armoogum and Serge Proulx in Winnipeg.

tmb john dietmarHere are Passenger Service Supervisor John Dietmar, Passenger Agent Elisabeth Lechner  (behind the counter), Senior Passenger Agent Ahmad Tauqir and Passenger Agent Claudia Roux providing "TLC" to a passenger at Frankfurt 1987.


tmb joseph bruhantPurser Joseph Bruhant seems well provided for in Paris 1987.
tmb perry baumgardtChecking in at Flight Dispatch in Toronto in 1987 are Second Officers Perry Baumgardt, Doug McKechnie, Yves Larin and Captain George Young.
tmb bill powellIn Vancouver in 1987, we have Lead Station Attendant Bill Powell and Station Attendant Stew McIntosh.

World Airline Road Race 2017 was held in Singapore last October.

tmb warr singapore emblemThese employees were running for Air Canada competing in the 5K race at the Singapore WARR 2017 which had a total of 687 competitors.

For the men, not in alphabetical order: Ray Robichaud, Clifford Russell, Gregory Bayang, Bruno Gaudette, Scott McCaul, Paul Kinney, Robert Squires, Forbes Nelles, John Siroki, Norman Wheaton and David Houston.

For the ladies, not in alphabetical order: Joan Stibbaard, Ania Edwards, Lisa Siroki, Tiffany Smitz, Suzanne Huva Kim Salerno, Barbara Legun, Teri Seaboyer, Karin Houston, Catherine Brett, Judy Byrne, Marguerite Silvain, Mary Follo, Sharon Ayee, Susie Clare, Sheryl Williams, Bernadette Lynch, Angela Elliott, Sheila Sarne, Charlotte Birmingham and Judy Vitek.

Competing in the 10k race at the Singapore WARR 2017 which had a total of 301 competitors.

For the men: Clifford Russell and Ray Robichaud.

The ladies: Joan Stibbaard and Simona Cercel.

(Unfortunately, we did not locate any photo of the above employees - eds)