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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

The article in NetLetter #1383 under Terry's trivia and travel tips, had a photo of the North Star flight bulletin and asked readers if they had any information regarding the insignia.

Prompted by this request, Jean Downie sent us this information -

tmb aircanada insigniasIn your most recent NetLetter, you requested information regarding the insignia. This insignia was issued to flight attendants in 1965 when Trans-Canada Air Lines became Air Canada.

We were issued with a new dark, bottle green uniform for the occasion which consisted of a two piece suit, a white blouse, a dark green coat, long black leather gloves, black high heels, and of course, a hat!

The badge shown in your photo is the hat badge, it was slightly curved to fit on the brim of the hat; this was the winter uniform. In the summer, we changed into a turquoise jumper and jacket, a white blouse, with a variety of hats (the company kept changing the styles!) One was a round cream coloured straw and the insignia on that was similar, not exactly the same, as the large one and slightly smaller.


tmb jean downieIn this photo are flight attendants wearing the uniform and in it, you can see the insignia on the left side of the hat brim.

Maybe others can fill in other information that I have missed. The photo was taken, as everyone can see by the hat the policeman is wearing, in LHR. 

The flight attendants are left to right are: Katrina Kogel, Jean Downie, and Jacqueline Beauchamp.

I enjoyed reminiscing! Hope that this info is of some help. Thank you! Keep up the good work, Jean Downie ex YYZ base. 

This from Robert Arnold -

Here is another Viscount item in my collection, a TCA first aid box. I came across it inside CF-THN as I climbed through the aircraft shortly before it was scrapped back in July 1989. I now use it to contain many of the smaller TCA items I've been collecting over the years, which includes the box of TCA brand staples I came across recently and appeared in NetLetter #1384.

  tmb tca first aid box tmb tca first aid box 1