Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter Since 1995

Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Air Canada NAVI magazine was launched in March 2017.

tmb navi 05 july 2017On the left we have the July cover page. 

Below is a photo of the crew. Christine Lyon, Nathalie Karkouti, Veronique Gauthier, Michael Gladstein, Navneet Kaur, Veronique Poulin, Stephanie Haas, Brock Besley, Lina Matossian and Jamie Fox.

tmb navi 05 july crew 500w

Although Trans-Canada Air Lines (Atlantic) Ltd. did not officially take over from the Government the responsibility for the Atlantic route until May 1, 1947, operations were actually begun on April 15th with DC-4M Mark I aircraft.

During the twelve months to April 15, 1948, the service completed 957 crossings.

(Source: Flightglobal/archive 1948-0553)

In 1939, Trans-Canada Air Lines (Atlantic) Ltd. is acting as its own general contractor in the construction of the Company's hangar at Moncton, N.B., in preparation for the extension of the flying route eastwards from Montreal. Tenders received were higher than the cost of hangars built by Trans-Canada Air Lines at other airports. Sub-contracts have been awarded, and work is already under way. Extension of the Winnipeg hangar has been completed, and it is expected that the hangar at St. Hubert, Montreal, will be completed before winter sets in. Trans-Canada Air Lines is co-operating with the Canadian Department of Transport in the construction of the apron and the runway in front of the building at St. Hubert.

With the return to Standard Time, Trans-Canada Air Lines has made changes in its time-tables. The trans-Continental planes now leave Montreal daily at 9 p.m., Ottawa at 10 p.m. and Toronto at 10.30 p.m., arriving Vancouver 11.34 a.m. Pacific time the following day. Eastbound planes take off from Vancouver at 6.15 p.m., arriving Montreal 12.05 p.m.

(Source: Flightglobal/archive 1939-1151)

tmb between ourselves emblemFrom the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue June 1970.

J.E.T. Training course

tmb jet team lhrThis photo was sent to Jack Morath at LHR for showing at this year’s LHR Pionairs Christmas party.

The photo is of the LHR Commissary's project team in the J.E.T. training programme that came up with a better approach to the tedious job of inserting cutlery and condiments in cellophane bags – they process almost half a million each year

Team members are, from the left: Balbir Singh, Percy Davidson, Eva Riley, Dick Summeral, John Wallace and Terry Mills.

In response, Jack sent this information -

FYI regarding the JET programme, I was responsible for it here in LHR as I did a course in Texas with half a dozen colleagues from around the system. Commissary came up best with the programme. No other Managers gave it their support so it really didn't get off the ground.

The course was two weeks in Dallas and one of the best courses I had done whilst at Air Canada. All about 'how to work smarter not harder' was the course name and I learnt a lot from it has had an influence on my life I have to admit. The gentleman who ran the course was in Intelligence in the navy during the Second World War, and invited me to stay with his family during part of the course.


tmb horizons emblemFrom the "Horizons" magazine issue dated July/August 2009. (With permission)

A day in the Winnipeg Call Centre.

Of the five call centers, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Saint John, the one in Winnipeg was chosen for a visit by the "Horizons" team. The day was organized by Maria Weir, Customer Sales and Service Agent and a L.O.U. 16. We have these photos of those interviewed for the article.

tmb danilla brunelDanilla Brunel looks up a booking after flights to Asia had been cancelled.
tmb maria weirMaria Weir with Jeff Killeen. Jeff Killeen has been with the company for years and knows his way around the reservation system and assists customers who want to make changes to their trip plans.
tmb jeff olearyJeff O'Leary.
tmb melody cawsonMelody Cawson and Shannon Popieul. Melody Cawson verifies credit card information looking for suspected transactions.

tmb yul gva crewOn June 1, 2009, service to Geneva was inaugurated, from Montreal. Prior to boarding the inaugural flight YUL-GVA, the In-Flight crew took time for a photo.

Left to right: Flight Attendants Diane Béchard, Hélène Roy, Mélanie Mailloux, Natalie Couet; Service Director Pierre Fournier and Flight Attendant Pierre Carpentier.

tmb gva yul crewReady to greet passengers on the inaugural flight GVA-YUL, on June 2, 2009 is the crew:

Left to right: Service Director Carlos Vasco, Flight Attendants, Eric Young, Pascal Leroy, Captain Chris Powell, Flight Attendants Micheline Boucher (front), Francine Landry, Frank Kervoelen and First Officer Karen Mundell.

tmb yul gva flt deckCaptain Keith Morse and First Officer John Craig, flight deck YUL-GVA.