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100 Days of Inaction2018 Federal Budget Only Mentions Pension Protection Strategy

Finance Minister Bill Morneau stated in the 2018 budget that the government will be consulting with workers, pensioners and businesses on how best to ensure secure retirement for Canadians. It’s a step in the right direction but we must keep the pressure on politicians. CARP will continue to engage its members and concerned citizens to hold the government accountable for protecting pensioners.

CARP has been calling on the government to legislate super-priority status for unfunded pension liabilities. If a company goes bankrupt, pensioners should be paid first! But the government has failed to act. We must pressure our politicians to do what’s right. If you believe retirees deserve better treatment, e-mail your MP to demand super-priority for pensioners.

To participate in this campaign please visit www.carp.ca/campaign/carp-demands-put-pensioners-first/