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For nostalgia buffs, here is the list of airplane types used by Air Canada through the propeller era, along with their manufacturer and years of service with the airline.

The seating capacity of each type is between brackets.

  • From Stearman, the 4EM survey plane, 1937-39
  • From Lockheed, 1937-1949, the L-10A (10), L-14 (10) and L-18 (14) 
  • From Avro, 1943-1947, the Lancastrian (10) operated for the Government on transatlantic service
  • From Douglas, 1945-1963, the DC-3 (21)
  • From Canadair, 1947-1961, the North Star (40 to 62, depending on cabin configuration)
  • From Lockheed, 1954-1962, the Super Constellation (63-75)
  • From Vickers, 1955-1974, the Viscount (48) and 1961-1972, the Vanguard (108), the first Air Canada aircraft seating more than 100 passengers.

Also in the fleet, from 1953 to 1955, were three Bristol freighter airplanes from Great Britain.

(Source: "Parts & Pieces" magazine issue January 1998)