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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

  • 1987 - June 21, introduction of direct Sunday flight to Glasgow out of Vancouver and Calgary.
  • 1969 - July 3, Trans-Canada Air Lines moved into Place Ville Marie, Montreal.
  • 1992- March 16, the first of Air Canada's three B-747-400s departed for Los Angeles.

you tube linkHow your luggage was handled at Halifax in 2016, a 4 minute YouTube video.

This 1966 advert for Air Canada.

tmb ac adv left homeThis summer take a closer look at Canada. You'll really know you have left home.

(Source: departedflights.com)

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events.

Started in NetLetter # 1419.

1938 -

The elements quickly become an issue. In 1938, TCA is the first airline to equip its fleet with alcohol deicing nozzles to remove the ice that accumulates on windshields at high altitude. (It sets the stage for the airline's introduction of electric deicing to Canada in 1961).

1939 timetable1939 -

April 1, 1939, marks the inauguration of scheduled transnational passenger service between Montreal and Vancouver, with stops in Ottawa, North Bay, Kapuskasing, Winnipeg, Regina and Lethbridge; the flight takes 15 hours.

Source: moments.aircanada.com/timeline

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horizons logoExtracted from "Horizons" magazine. 

Issue dated July 1986.

1987 air nova 1420Air Nova began scheduled service in Atlantic Canada on July 14, 1986 as the Air Canada prime alliance partner in Atlantic Canada.

Here we have an Air Nova timetable effective April 26, 1987.

Issue dated March 1987

Upper Island Pionairs.

Upper Vancouver Island Pionairs from the Comox Valley communities and Campbell River are particularly active in this Air Canada 50th anniversary year.

Regular luncheons are being scheduled that might be of interest of retirees or employees wishing to visit "this most beautiful part of Canada," says Reg Little.

One such luncheon was held at La Cremaillere Restaurant in Courtenay and, as shown in Heather Tisdall's photo, the following were present:

upper vancouver island pionairs
Back row from the left: Fran Stevens, Irene Phipps, Helen Ross, Gord Brady, Frank Stevens and Wallace Mutch.

Front row, from the left are: Murray Phipps, Jack Bowen, Ralph Tisdall, Rhona and Bill Muir.

Missing from the photo are Art and Olive Foulser, Lilian Reckseidler, Pam Harvey, Reg Little and Jean Grout.

Issue dated April 1987

tmb recife inaugural crewThe life of a Training and Development Supervisor isn't all that bad, especially for Marty Bruin of Halifax, who accepted an assignment in Recife, Brazil to do ground handling training.

Brazil's fourth largest city is 9 1/2 hours flying time from Toronto and in the past few years has become a popular vacation spot for Canadians.

This winter several tour operators offered all-inclusive tour packages and had contracted an Air Canada 747 aircraft to be used on the route.

The first Air Canada aircraft arrived in Recife in mid-December 1986.

The on-board crew and staff who were on hand to meet the flight are, top to bottom and left to right:

Jim Wonta, Route Operations Supervisor; J. Batista, Purser (on special assignment); Captain Fisher; R. Faughnan, Flight Attendant; A. Nemeth, Purser; J.P. Lalonde, Acting Ramp Service Supervisor; Flight Attendants C. Fernandes Fuente, S. Ebisuaki and M. Van Den Hogen; R.M. Shorthill, First Officer; Flight Attendants F. Brinck, J. Elder Prothasow, H. Ohrner, D. Estey, F. Plamondon, D. Hay; Marty Bruin and Flight Attendant A. Jorge.

Issue dated October 1991.

You can't accuse Les Patriots of playing hardball. They would much rather play softball!

tmb les patriotsThe Dorval Power Plant team, which finished up the season with an impressive 17 wins and one loss, also went on to win the ACRA playoffs.

The softball champions shown here are, top row, left to right: Mechanics Marcel Comtois, Alain Bernier, Marcel Breard, Paul Labelle and Bob Peters.

Bottom row, left to right: Mechanics Michel Larividre, Sylvain Provencher, Sylvain Motard, Rejean Castilloux and Al Coull.

Missing from the photo are: Mechanics Francois Lachapelle, Alain Robitaille, Rejean Masse and Yvan Lajoie

Several employees in Paris celebrated career milestones:

tmb paris celebrationsChristiane Mallet, Passenger Agent, (left) shows off her 25 -year pin; Michel Schott, Sales and Airport Services Manager - Southern France and Josette Decottignies, Reservations and Ticketing Office Coordinator both celebrated 20 years of service while Annick Cardon, Passenger Agent, marked 25 years.

Issue dated February 2014. (Used with permission).

System Operations Control Centre (SOC) on the move.

Moving is widely considered a life-defining moment, and as a worldwide airline with 24/7 operations, re-locating the nerve centre of our global operations to our brand new, state-of-the-art centre was certainly a significant event.

Our historic move and cut-over from our “old SOC” location in Mississauga, Ontario, to our “new OC” in Brampton, Ontario, took place in the early hours of January 21, 2014.

tmb 550 new soc