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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

1988, October 31 - Inauguration of service between Toronto - Mirabel - Lisbon - Madrid with B-767 equipment.
December 31 - Operations between Canada and Santo Domingo ceased.

2019,  October 1 - Daily non-stop service resumed between Toronto and Delhi, India

The 10th annual Air Canada Employees (A.C.E.) fly-in was held on Saturday June 11, 1988 at the Burlington Air Park.

In October 1987, Air Canada acquired 90% of the shares of NWT Air

tmb north star advertHere we have this advertisement which appeared in the Flight Magazine, May 1947.

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events.
Started in NetLetter #1419.

1950 -Red River flood relief.

TCA flies 40 special round-trip flights between Winnipeg and Eastern Canada from May 8 to 13, 1950, to help out during a five-day emergency flood relief.

The airline carries 500,000 pounds of non-perishable foods and other necessities to 2,500 people evacuated when the Red River overflowed.

 tmb 550 red river relief

Mystery flights promote travel.

tmb mystery flights promote travelIn August 1950, a Chicago travel agency organizes the Masked Mystery Flights, and TCA gets on board by shepherding 17 blindfolded men and women, who have no idea where they’ll land, to Montreal for a weekend in the Laurentians. 

Rail strike gets people flying.

From August 22 to 31, 1950, a national railway strike helps TCA introduce thousands of people to air travel. Thirty new routes are added in the 1950's, including Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich, Tampa and Antigua.

Over the same period, Canadian Pacific Air Lines inaugurates service to Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

This photo is of CF-TFO at Orly, Paris.

(Source: moments.aircanada.com/timeline)

 tmb 550 rail strike more pax

horizons logoFrom the "Horizons" magazine.

Issue dated March 1988.

gigi rassow milesIn 1988 Northwest Territorial Airways changed its name to NWT Air and added a new destination, Inuvik, to its network.

The Yellowknife-based carrier, has had an operating and marketing relationship with Air Canada since 1981.

Effective March 27, 1988 NWT Air joined AirBC, Air Ontario, Air Nova, Air Alliance and Commuter Express as a fully fledged Connector carrier.

Effective April 3, 1988 Air Canada suspended its flight between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.

The format of the timetable was changed to a booklet style in 1987. Here we have the issue for April 3, 1988 with a photo of Toronto-based Flight Attendant Gigi Rassow Miles.

Down under with the president.

While Chairman Claude Taylor and his wife Fran were on a visit "down under" in Sydney, he was presented with a genuine Crocodile Dundee Akubra hat by our local staff and representatives.

Seen here in the front row from left to right: Paul Sheridan, Director, Cargo Sales; Rodney Walshe, Managing Director. The Walshe Group, (our G.S.A.); Chuck Wilson, Manager, South Pacific with his wife Sue and Barry Brown, Sales Manager, Australia.

At the back from left to right are: Paul Wiseman, Sales Manager, Queensland; Monica Serfozo, Sales Representative, Sydney; Fran and Claude Taylor; Joanne McLean, Sales Agent, Sydney and Jacqui Dodd, Reservations Agent, Sydney.

tmb 550 down under

Issue dated April 1988.

During the President Pierre Jeanniot's visit out east, he visited Moncton and Saint John. Here are some photos taken during his visit.

moncton airport staff

moncton cargo staff

saint john res staff

saint john station att staff

ACRA still lives!

In March 1988 the Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA) Presidents and System Events Chairmen held their third joint meeting with ACRA System Events Chairmen in Montreal.

The three-day event included an official welcome for the two newest ACRA's, New York and Bombay.

Mario deSouza (from Bombay) and Robi Adaskes (from New York) received their accreditation from President Pierre Jeanniot during a special luncheon which he hosted for the group. During their meeting, the 23 presidents and 12 chairmen reviewed 1987 activities.

tmb 550 acra presidents 1988

In this photo they are, seated, from left to right:

Linda Kellins, Robi Adaskes, Brenda McCasin, President Pierre Jeanniot, Yolande Bourque, Emy Maura and Diana Duval.

Seen standing, are: Neil Stephenson, Evan Quick, Noel Ebden, Louis Bariault, Ron Charbonneau, Mario deSouza, Naish Batten, Garth McAdoo, Peter Lay, Bill Kent, Gord Graham, Michael McHenry, Duncan Butchart, Mel Bartlett, Ken Mackenzie, Sheila Snow-Cline, Bill Saunders, Ron Carradine, Wolfi Peise, Jim Miller, Barry Drinkle, Eric Franco, Rob Corbin and Kim Humber.

Some participants are missing from the photo.

Issue dated August 1988.

On Wednesday, July 20, 1988 an order for 34 Airbus A320 aircraft and parts for a total of $1.8 billion CDN. As well, an option for 20 additional A320's was taken which could be converted to 'stretched' versions.

LAX staff move into their new home.

Phase one of the extensive renovation of terminal two at Los Angeles International Airport is now complete and customer service staff have settled into the spacious new facility. The photo shows a group of employees in their new home.

tmb lax staff 1988
From the left are: Customer Service Agents Bob DeRoon, Christine Monette, Jeannine Fortin and Berit Vickter; Airport Manager David Burke; Customer Service Agent Louise Bucy, Lead Customer Service Agent Tom Sims; Airport Supervisor Bob Fuhrmann; Lead Customer Service Agent Myrna Lawrence; Aircraft Services Coordinator and Supervisor John O'Neill; Airport Supervisor Wendy Reily-Piteo and Customer Service Agents Laurice Messih, Louise Nakich, Sherry Oliver and Robert Stork.