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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Maureen Ryan Swiednicki sends this comment -

Thank you for the NetLetter! I worked for TCA in Dorval.

I enjoy reading of past exploits of the company, which had a family atmosphere in those days.

I remember when we were attempting to fly to Disney World with our five children; we made it. All TCA employees helped as we were all in the same boat (old expression).

My son Lance followed in his father’s footsteps and today he works out of Calgary. 

Applause to all of you,

Maureen Ryan Swiednicki

After reading the article in NetLetter #1436 with regard to the "WACA News", Aron Charad sends this amusing narrative regarding the issuance of the WACA newsletter.

Back in 1978 the "WACA News" was produced every 3 months.

The print run was thousands of copies, and were sent to a British Airways contact in London who, in turn, would put them in the airline's company mail to Gerry Philbrook.

All the VP's around the world, pictured in the article, received copies and then sent them to member clubs for distribution.

Now it’s done with a touch of a button to each member. Gotta love technology!!