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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

pdf download50x47Extracted from 'Between Ourselves' issue No. 267 March 1964

Toronto's International Terminal - New Concept in Service Efficiency

No longer does Toronto International Airport mean a crowded clapboard terminal and long walks through draughty sheet metal corridors. Instead, there are tunnels under the aircraft ramp, a circular 'Aeroquay', a sunken plaza, a three-legged control tower, reflecting pools, treed interior courts and $150,000 worth of fine art from Eskimo route markers to a Riopelle mural.

But underneath the glamour there is efficiency and functionalism according to a master plan. Everything not directly connected with travellers has been taken out of the terminal and moved into specialized buildings. 

The terminal is reached via a tunnel under the aircraft ramp and aeroquay. Emerging from the tunnel, motorists have a choice of ramps leading to the departures lobby, the arrivals lobby, short-term parking or the parking garage. 

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Open observation decks (left) for visitors or passengers are located between the departure rooms on the second floor of the aeroquay. Facilities and equipment for the servicing company aircraft are located under the observation decks (left) in the aeroquay.

tmb 550 yyz T1 deck 1964